Some enslaved African Americans fought for a better chance of freedom and some free African Americans fought for independence in the American Revolution.
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The Battle of Great Bridge was the first land battle of the American Revolution fought in Virginia. -The American victory forced the British colonial governor to flee the City of Norfolk.What was the importance of the Battle of Great Bridge?George WashingtonWho was the first president of the United States of America?James MadisonWho is the "Father of the Constitution"?George MasonWho wrote the Virginia Declaration of Rights?George WashingtonWho is often called the "Father of Our Country"?The Virginia Declaration of Rights states that all Virginians have many rights, including freedom of religion and freedom of the press.What does the Virginia Declaration of Rights state?Thomas JeffersonWho wrote the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom?The Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom states that all people should be free to worship as they please.What did the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom state?James MadisonWho kept detailed notes during the Constitutional Convention and believed in the importance of having a U.S. Constitution?George WashingtonWho provided strong leadership needed to help the U.S. (a young country), and provided a model of leadership for future presidents?James MadisonWhose skills at compromise helped the delegates reach agreement during the difficult process of writing the Constitution of the United States of America?It resulted in the surrender of the British army, which led to an end to the war.What was the importance of the American victory at Yorktown?The Battle of YorktownWhat was the last major battle of the Revolutionary War?After the American Revolution, Virginia's agricultural base began to change causing many Virginians to move west and to the deep South to find better farmland and new opportunities.What geographic factors influenced Virginians to move to the western frontier and beyond?Tobacco____________ farming was hard on the soil, causing many farmers to look west and south for new land to farm.-land -opportunitiesVirginians migrated into western territories looking for large areas of ________ and new __________.-traditions, ideas, and culturesAs Virginians moved, they took their _________, _________, and __________ with them.Cumberland GapSettlers crossed the Appalachian Mountains through the _________________ as they migrated to new lands in the west.