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1. What are the two common sizes for hard drives?

2.5, 3.5

2. Why is a solid-state drive referred to as solid state?

No moving parts

3. If a magnetic drive has four platters, how many heads does it have?


4. What is the name of the Vista technology that supports a hybrid drive?

-ready drive

5. When the OS addresses the sectors on a hard drive as one long list of sequential sectors, what is this technology called?

-LBA - logical blocking address

6. What are the main two components of the Master Boot Record on a hard drive?

-Master boot record, partition table

7. What is the smallest unit of space on a hard drive that can be used to store a file?


8. What two file systems can Windows use to format a hard drive? Which system supports the most storage capacity?


9. Which ATA standard for hard drives first introduced S. M. A. R. T.?


10. Which ATA standard is the latest standard that made improvements to PATA?

2009 SATA 600

11. A CD drive that uses a PATA connection must follow what standard?

-ATAPI advanced technology attachment packet interface

12. How many pins does a PATA cable have? What is the maximum recommended length of a PATA cable?

40 pins, 80 wires, 40 for data, 40 for reducing crosstalk, 18''

13. What transfer mode can transmit data from a device to memory without involving the CPU?

-DMA direct memory access

14. What term describes the technology that allows you to exchange a hard drive without powering down the system?

-Hot swapping

15. Which RAID level mirrors one hard drive with a second drive so that the same data is written to both drives?


16. Which RAID level stripes data across multiple drives to improve performance and also provides fault tolerance?

-RAID 5, Raid volumes

17. How many pins does a floppy drive cable have?

34 pins

18. Which file system does a floppy disk use?

-FAT 12

19. What are three current ratings for spindle speed for a magnetic hard drive?

5400 rpm, 7200 rpm, 10 k rpm

20. What Windows utility can be used to partition and format a hard drive?

-Disk Management

21. What are the four possible configurations for a PATA drive installed in a system?

-Primary & secondary maters, primary & secondary slaves

22. If a motherboard has one blue IDE connector and one black IDE connection, which do you use to install a single drive?


23. When implementing RAID on a motherboard, where do you enable the feature?


24. To write to a floppy disk, is it necessary for the write- protect notch to be open or closed?


25. What is the name of the Seagate utility that can be used to test a hard drive and diagnose a hard drive problem?

-Sea tools

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