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21 terms

Compare and contrast expressions

Unidad 2 Diferentes pero similares
tan leal como
as loyal as
tanto dinero como
as much money as
tan responsable como
as responsible as
Ella practica tanto como yo.
She practices as much as I (do).
Nadie come tanto como Juan.
No one eats as much as Juan.
Somos tan hermosas como ellas.
We are as beautiful as they (are).
tanta comida como
as much food as
tantas hermanas como
as many sisters as
Victoria canta mejor que Ana.
Victoria sings better than Ana.
Jugamos peor que chicas.
We play worse than girls.
Yo cocino menos frecuentemente que mi madre.
I cook less frequently than my mother.
Berto y yo somos menos atrevidos que Alejandro.
Berto and I are less daring than Alejandro.
Mi padre es menor que mi madre.
My dad is younger than my mom.
Carla es tres anos mayor que yo.
Carla is three years older than I (am).
Tu hermano es mucho mas terco que tu.
Your brother is much more stubborn than you (are).
mucho mayor que
much older than
peores estudiantes que
worse students than
mas lindo que
prettier than
los mejores artistas
the best artists
el menor chico
the youngest boy
las mayores personas
the oldest people