15 terms

Español II--LICTM--lista 3-3

pelo grueso
thick hair
quiere ir
wants to go
s/he/it begs
se aburren
they get bored
se acuesta
s/he/it lies down
se despierta
s/he/it wakes up
se le olvida que es tarde
s/he/it forgets that it's late
se sube a un balcón
s/he/it climbs a balcony
toca la guitarra
s/he/it plays the guitar
le canta una canción
s/he/it sings him/her a song
le tira una flor
s/he/it throws him/her/it a flower
de repente
les pilla
s/he/it catches them
se lo explica todo
s/he/it explains it all to him/her/it
no le da permiso
s/he/it doesn't give him/her/it permission