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Verbs like gustar


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me aburre
it bores me
te agrada
it pleases you
le alegra
it gladdens her
me apasiona
i love it
me apasionan
I love them
te apetece
you feel like
le atraen
they attract him
me falta
I lack
te fascinan
they fascinate you
le fastidian
they annoy her
me importa
it's important to me
me importan
they are important to me
te interesan
they are interesting to you
le molesta
it bothers her
nos conviene
it's convenient to us
os corresponde
yall are responsible for
les cuestan
it costs them
nos disgusta
we dislike it
os duelen
they hurt yall
les encanta
they love it
me extraña
it surprises me
te molesta
it bothers you
os parece
it appears to yall
les pican
they itch them
me preocupa
it worries me
te queda
it stays with you
nos repugna
it disgusts us
os sobra
yall have it left over
les toca
it's their turn
Os cae mal
Yall get along badly with
te place
It is pleasing to you
me parece
It seems to me
nos repugna
It disgusts us
Nos disgusta
We don't like it
Nos apetecen
We feel like them
Nos cuesta
It costs us
Nos pica
It itches us
nos falta
We are lacking
nos fastidia
it annoys us
nos preocupa
it worries us
nos extraña
It surprises us
nos toca
It's our turn
me aburre
it bores me
me aburren
they bore me
te encanta
you love it
te encantan
you love them
le falta
you lack it
le faltan
you need them
nos fascina
it fascinates us
nos fascinan
they fascinate us
os importa
it is important to yall
os importan
they are important to yall
les interesa
it interests you guys
les interesan
they interest them
les molesta
it annoys them
les molestan
they annoy you guys
me queda mucho
i have a lot left over
te quedan
you have left over