Chapter 18 Test

Nonrenewable Resource
Resources that are being used faster than they can reproduce.
Renewable Resource
Resources that replaced by natural process in a relatively short time
Nuclear Energy
Energy released during atomic reactions
Process in which mined lands are recovered with soil and vegatation
Solar Energy
Energy collected from the Sun
Wind Farms
A group of wind turbines that produce electricity
Hydroelectric Power
Electricity generated by flowing water
Geothermal Power
Energy collected from the Earth's Interior
Biomass Energy
Energy produced by burning organic matter
Mineral deposits large enough to mine for profit
The cutting of large forest for human activities
Photochemical Smog
Brownish haze produced when nitrogen compounds and other pollutants in the air react with sunlight
Acid Precipitation
Precipitation with a pH of less than 5.6
Renewable Resources
Includes Solar, Wind, Water, Geothermal, Biomass energies
Nonrenewable Resources
Includes fossil fuels and uranium
Examples of metallic minerals
Zinc, Nickel, Iron
Examples of nonmetallic minerals
clays, sand and gravel
Tidal Power
A type of water energy that takes advantage of changes in sea levels
Nuclear Fission
The process of splitting atoms