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Body activities such as breathing, circulation, and heartbeat are regulated by the
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The spinal cavity contains theC. Spinal cordAir is brought into the lungs by way of theC. TracheaThe longest and strongest bone of the skeleton is theA. FemurThe dome-shaped muscle that separates the thoracic cavity from the abdominal cavity is theC. DiaphragmWhich of the following organs serves as a reservoir for blood?D. SpleenThe skin performs all of the following functions EXCEPTA. Nitrogen-containing waste excretionThe vocal cards are located in theB. LarynxOtitis media is an inflammatory condition of theA. EarInsulin is produced in theC. PancreasIf a patient is diagnosed with enteritis, which part of the digestive tract is inflamed?D. IntestinesWhich portion of the external ear is shaped to catch sound waves?B. PinnaThe peripheral nervous system is made up ofB. Peripheral nervesAnother name for the eardrum is theD. Tympanic membraneLegally, a physicianD. None of the above (A - May not refuse to accept a patient if he or she chooses; B - May refuse to provide follow-up care after treatment; C - Must provide a medical history to the patient's insurance company if the insurance company so requestsIn order to release medical information to another sourceB. The patient must sign a release formIn order for a contract to be enforceable, the contract must includeD. All of the above (A - An offer; B - A consideration; C - An acceptanceThe medical record of a patient who is a minor should be keptD. Until the patient reaches the age of majority, plus the number of years for the statue of limitations in the particular stateThe medical record is owned byD. The physician/clinicEstablishing and maintaining policies and procedures that protect the medical office and staff from lawsuits is calledB. Risk managementStatute of limitations refers toC. The time period allowed for beginning a lawsuit for malpracticeIt is important for patients to understand their responsibility in relation to their medical record. The patient needs to understand all of the following EXCEPTB. The medical terminology used in the recordWhich of the following best demonstrates confidentiality of the patient record?C. Records should not be left on desks or counters where patients may see themFor office surgery, a consent form must be signedA. Before the patient has been administered any medicationMabel, who is terminally ill, is adamant that no "heroic" measures be taken should she become incompetent, This request would be detailed in Mabel'sA. Living willIn most states, a physician is required to reportD. Both A and C (A - Death; C - Specific infectious, communicable, or contagious diseases)Informed consent is established when the patientB. Is told by the physician of any risks, hazards, or possible complication with the treatment in terms that the patient fully understandsA medical assistant is considered to be a professional. This means that a medical assistant hasD. All of the above (A - A number of rights; B - A number of responsibilities; C - The proper education and trainingThe patient is a mentally challenged adult. The adult who accompanied the patient has some errands to do. How should the medical office staff handle this situation?C. Tell the accompanying adult that he or she must remain in the office with the patientThe opposite of anterior isA. PosteriorThe prefix HYPER- meansA. AboveJoint pain may be charted asD. ArthrodyniaOtoplasty is a surgical procedure performed on theD. EarThe clinical term for farsightedness isB. HyperopiaInflammation of the brain isB. EncephalitisAn enlargement of the heart is termedD. CardiomegalyThe combining form XANTHO- indicates the colorD. YellowThe suffix -EMIA refers toB. BloodThe plural of "appendix" isB. AppendicesAfter an initial period of denial, terminally ill Janet moved to the second phase of the grieving process, which isC. AngerUnderstanding the feelings that a patient has in both an intellectual and an emotional way is calledB. EmpathyA patient has been diagnosed with high blood pressure. The medical assistant should instruct her to restrict her intake ofB. SodiumTeaching modalities planned for a patient who has just been diagnosed with diabetes should include all of the following EXCEPTB. Relying on only one teaching methodThere are three important areas of learning. They areB. Cognitive, affective, and psychomotorPatient teaching is very important to the prognosis for the patient. Any teaching should therefore beB. Documented as part of the patient medical recordA patient is diagnosed with a very elevated blood pressure. Which of the following will make it most difficult for her to learn about dietary modifications?B. She doesn't know how to read food labelsFactors that could interfere with the effectiveness of the communication process includeD. All of the above (A - Anxiety; B - Cultural differences; C - Language barriersIn communicating with patients, the medical assistant can make sure that the patient has correctly received a message byB. Asking the patient to repeat the messageThe word GRAVIDA refers toA. PregnancyWhen the medical assistant does not understand what the patient has said, which of the following would be appropriate to clarify the communication?`C. "I'm sorry, I did not understand what you just said. Could you please repeat it?"Insulin is produced in theC. PancreasThe medical term for high blood pressure isA, HypertensionThe combining form that indicates BLACK isC. Melan/oA minor offense that usually results in only a fine is a(n)C. InfractionA keloid isE. An abnormal scar formationThe infant is able to equate sound with action, smiles at self in mirror, and has increased interest in exploration atC. 8 monthsThe plural form of IRIS isC. IridesLicensureD. All of the above (A - Is a mandatory credential to practice medicine; B - Can be revoked or suspended; C - Is the strongest form of administrative regulation)CPT codes are updated annually. In an updated book, a darkened triangle in front of the code indicates thatC. The description has been changed or modifiedThe codes that cover the service-oriented rather the procedure-oriented services are in the numerical range ofA. 99201 to 99499Claims may be rejected or underpaid if the CPT codeB. Is not backed up with documentation from the patient recordThe fixed amount of money that an insured patient is required to pay each time he or she receives treatment is called theB. Co-paymentJulie Ann's father is serving in the Marine Corps. Her medical care is covered byC. TRICAREWhen the office accepts payments directly from the insurance company, it is calledA. Assignment of benefitsThe insurance plan for the indigent isB. MedicaidMargo and Rob both work and participate in the health insurance plans offered by their separate employers. When Margo and Rob use their insurance, they are regulated by a term known asC. Coordination of benefitsUnder the HMO concept, there is only aC. Co-paymentPatients who are injured at work and covered under workers' compensation shouldB. Have separate medical and financial recordsThe insurance plan that provides for care for patients who are suffering from end-stage kidney disease isD. MedicareFor each patient, the charges and payments should be recorded on an individualizedB. Ledger cardSuperbillsD. All of the above (A - Can be used as charge slips; B - May be ordered to fit the specific practice; C - List services provided and codes)The petty cash account should beD. All of the above (A - Accounted for in a journal; B - Used for small items only; C - Used for small amounts of money)Usually medical offices utilize a system for billing known asD. Cycle billingAn account requires collection activity if it has an outstanding balance afterC. 90 daysWhen writing to the patient who has a delinquent account, the office cannot threaten to send a account to collectionA. Unless the practice is prepared to follow throughThe medical assistant often is required to make appointments for the patient with a specialist or surgeon. This type of appointment is calledA. A referralPOMR stands forB. Problem-oriented medical recordThe methodology of scheduling patients with similar problems or conditions on certain days is calledB. ClusteringIf an unscheduled patient should show up at the office with an apparent emergency condition, that patient isC. Seen by a physician immediately, ahead of patients who may be waitingWhich condition may not require a same-day appointment?C. Cold with runny noseA 2-year-old girl was found by her mother sitting in a corner of the kitchen sucking on an ant trap. The mother called the office and was instructed by the medical assistant toA. Remain on the telephone while the office called the poison control centerWhich of the following is not a correct complimentary closing for a letter from the medical office?A. CordiallyThe postage class most used in the medical office isB. First class mailAfter the mail is opened, it should beC. Stamped with a date stampWhich letter type is the most time-efficient because it does not use excessive tab indents for the address, complimentary close, or signature?A. Full blockThe most common method of filing isC. AlphabeticalWhich of the following names would be filed first?D. De La Mare, WinstonIn the alphabetical filing system, each name is broken down intoA. Indexing unitsIf a color-coding system is used in the medical office,the color code should beC. Known by everyone in the officeThe purpose of the medical record is toC. Serve as a legal record documenting the planning and care that the patient receivedThe documents in source-oriented medical records areA. Grouped by the kind of services that were providedWhen supplies that have been newly ordered arrive in the office, they should beB. Checked against the packing slip to make sure that everything that has been ordered has arrivedThe device that allows the computer operator to manipulate the cursor without using the arrow keys is theA. MouseThe programs that allow the computer operator to perform various tasks areD. Applications softwareIn the medical office, sharps are usuallyA. Used once and then discarded in a hard plastic containerThree diseases that are transmitted only by direct contact with blood or body fluids areD. Hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and HIVOriginally, ICD coding was usedE. All of the above (A - To track disease processes; B - In medical research; C - To evaluate hospital service utilization; D - To classify the cause of death)A letter that weighs 11 ounces should be sent byA. First class mailUsing the alphabetical system of filing, "The Harris Office Supply Company" would be filed underB. HWhen sorting the mail for the physician, the medical assistant should arrange the mailB. In order of importanceWhich of the following would require a CPT code?E. All of the above (A - Mastectomy; B - Appendectomy; C - Hysterectomy; D - Rhinoplasty)The type of computer printer that produces the sharpest image is theC. LaserManual scheduling of appointments utilizesA. Spiral-bound appointment booksThe letter style in which the first line of each new paragraph is idented five spaces isC. SemiblockFor coding a diagnosis, the first place to go isC. Volume II of the ICD-9-CMThe procedure that protects against the loss of computer data is known asC. Backing upThe correct format for the salutation to a physician named David Roberts isD. Dear David Roberts, MDWhich of the following types of scheduling allows for the most efficient use of staff, materials, and facilities?E. GroupingWhat piece of mail should be placed on top when sorting the physician's mail?C. Envelope marked PersonalOpen punctuation is characterized byB. Absence of punctuation after the salutation and a comma after the complimentary closeThe federal insurance program that provides for the medically indigent isD. MedicaidThe process of transferring an amount from the day sheet to the ledger isC. PostingA numerical filing system requires the use ofB. An alphabetical cross-referenceThe file folder label for Jennie Holmes-Mathis should beD. Holmes-Mathis, JennieThird-party participation in an office indicates the relationships among theC. Physician, patient, and insurance companyA claim may be rejected by an insurance company because of the omission ofE. All of the above (A - Complete diagnosis; B - Policy number; C - Patient birth date; D - Itemization of charges)How much postage is required for a first-class letter that weighs 3 oz if the first ounce costs $0.34 and each additional ounce is $0.25?D. $0.84When the word CONFIDENTIAL is to be typed on the envelope, it should be placedD. Below the return addressThe most formal of complimentary closings isA. Very truly yoursWhich of the following is NOT needed when making an appointment?D. Insurance informationThis type of call allows more than one person in more than one place to talk simultaneouselyB. Conference callThis procedure protects against the loss of dataC. Backing upA tickler file isE. Future events arranged in chronological orderAll of the following would require a Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code exceptA. DiarrheaWhich of the following characteristics of a receptionist might make an impression on a patient?E. All of the above (A - Appearance; B - Professionalism; C - Manners; D - Attitude)A direction to consider additional codes isC. See alsoThe purpose of infection control systems is toC. Prevent the spread of diseaseVisual examination of the internal surfaces of the vagina and cervix is done with an instrument called aD. ColposcopeWhen taking a film in the PA projection, the x-ray beam passes through the patientD. From back to frontIn the x-ray machine, the substance that prevents x-rays from traveling out from the source in all directions isE. LeadWhen a cast that has been present for a long period of time is removed, there may be a significant amount ofD. AtrophyBlood specimens obtained during venipuncture are usually obtained fromB. The antecubital spaceWhen the health care provider wants comprehensive testing done on one body system, this group of tests is ordered as a(n)B. Panel/profileIn documenting immunizations in addition to the usual information, which includes date, site of injection, side effects, and who administered the immunization?B. Vaccine manufacturer and lot numberWhich of the following blood pressure readings would be considered hypertension in the normal adult?E. 160/100 mm HgThe doctor has ordered 250 mg of ampicillin. The ampicillin you have on hand is 100 mg per mL. You would administerC. 2.5 mLThe finest suture material is markedD. 000The term that means that an instrument has been washed but not treated further isB. SanitizedA disk of compressed medication is aB. TabletPersonal protective equipment (PPE) includes all of the following EXCEPTB. UniformsEvacuated tubes with no additives are used when the test to be performed involvesA. SerumThe medical assistant has been instructed to give the patient an injection of vitamin B12. This action is calledB. Administering medicationThe technique that is used whenever a patient's skin is broken or a patient's body cavity is entered is calledB. Surgical asepsisThe process of achieving sterilization includes which of the following?D. All of the above (A - Use of an autoclave; B - Steam in the autoclave that has been heated to 250 degrees F; C - Pressure in the autoclave that has reached 15 pounds of pressure)Which of the following is not acceptable for wrapping items for the autoclaveD. Aluminum foilThe proper cleaning of an area with soap and water is calledB. SanitizationItems that enter parts of the body lined with mucous membranes need to beD. DisinfectedCleaning an area or soaking instruments with chemicals is calledD. DisinfectingA forceps is an instrument used forB. GraspingTissue and dressing forceps usually haveC. A handle that can be grasped with the thumb and forefingerThe device used to measure the oxygen saturation of the blood isD. OximeterThe popliteal pulse is foundD. At the back of the kneeThe medical assistant who is responsible for obtaining the patient's vital signs shouldC. Document them in the patient's chart as soon as they are takenThe normal adult has a respiratory rate ofB. 14-20 breaths per minuteWhich of the following heart rates would be considered tachycardiaB. 100A patient who weighs 45 kg also weighs how many pounds?B. 99A patient who is 72 inches tall isA. 6 feetA patient's statement "I feel like someone is pounding nails into my head" would be documented in the SOAP format underA. SThe first round of pediatric immunizations is usually completed by the time the child isC. 15 months oldWhat position is used for better access to the rectal area and lower back?B. Sims'Before a pelvic examination, the patient from whom a Pap smear will be taken should be instructed toB. Not doucheThe chart to test visual acuity is theD. Snellen chartWhich of the following would be considered a subjective finding?D. DizzinessWhich of the following would be considered an objective finding?A. RednessIn which section of the patient's medical history would you document that the patient had recently lost 20 pounds without being on a diet?B. Present illnessMeasurements recorded at the patient's first visit are the measurements against which all subsequent measurements are compared. These initial measurements are known as theB. Baseline valuesWhich of the following examination methods is used in listening with a stethoscope?`D. AuscultationA patient lying on his or her back for the abdominal examination is the what position?A. SupineWhen the patient lies on his or her back with the knees bent and feet on the end of the examination table, the patient is in what position?D. Dorsal recumbentA normal and healthy infant should, at the end of 1 year, haveB. Tripled in weight and and grown 10-12 inches in lengthIn what position is the patient placed for the visual examination of the internal surfaces of the vagina and cervix?D. LithotomyAll female patients should be taught to do a breast examination. Ideally, this should be doneD. Monthly, 1 week after the woman's menstrual period has begunThe goal of anticoagulation medication therapy is toA. Make the length of time it takes blood to clot longer than normalAn injection that is administered in the deltoid muscle is theD. Hep BAn intradermal injection is administered to cause a raised area in order to elicit a local reaction. This raised area is called a(n)B. WhealNeedle gauge refers to theB. Diameter of the lumenSolid medications that can be dividedd areD. Scored tabletsWhich of the following choices lists the stages of pharmacokinetics in correct order?D. Absorption, distribution, action, metabolism, excretionA situation in which two drugs work to enhance each other is calledB. SynergismThe name that is always capitalized and usually identified with the symbol for being patented is theC. Brand nameThe appropriate needle size for administering a subcutaneous injection to an average adult weighing 150 pounds would beD. 25 gauge, 5/8 inchOxycodone is a medication listed underB. Schedule IIHypersensitivity to a drug may cause all of the following EXCEPTD. Absorption of the drugA chemical substance that has the potential for addiction and abuse is regulated by theD. Controlled Substances Act of 1970The effect of a drug that acts on the area where it is administered isB. LocalA common classification system that identifies the effect for which the drug is given is theC. Desired actionItems that have been placed on the sterile field may be touched withD. Sterile glovesAmy has been prescribed a diuretic because of fluid retention. She has been instructed by the medical assistant toD. Eat foods high in potassiumAgglutination tests look for the presence of a(n)C. AntibodyThe usual capillary site for a blood draw is theC. Middle or ring finger of the nondominant handThe main veins used for venipuncture are theB. Cephalic, basilic, and median