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Stuff from Chapter 6 that we might need to know for the AP Test


How old was King Louis XIV when he was enthroned?

Samuel de Champlain

Who is the 'Father of New France'?

Huron Indians

Who did Champlain (France) battle alongside against the Iroquois tribes from Upper New York?

The beaver

French fur-trappers ranged over the woods and waterways of North America in pursuit of this.

Runners of the Woods

Who are 'coureurs de bois'?

The Jesuits

French Catholic missionaries, notably THESE people, labored zealously to save the Indians for Christ and from the fur-trappers. Though they were often scorned, they played a vital role as explorers and geographers.

Antoine Cadillac

Who founded Detroit in 1701?

Robert de La Salle

Who discovered and named Louisiana in 1682?

To block Spain

Why was New Orleans founded by the French in 1718?


What years were King William's War?


What years were Queen Anne's War?


Since neither France nor England considered America worth the commitment of large detachments of regular troops, the initial wars over land were what?

King George III

Who was king in England during the American Revolution?


What years were the French and Indian War?

George Washington

Which 21-year old Virginian started the French and Indian War in 1754?

Britain and Prussia

Who were the principal adversaries defending the British colonies in Europe during the Seven Years War?

France, Spain, Austria, Russia

Who were the principal adversaries attacking the British colonies in Europe during the Seven Years War?

Benjamin Franklin

Who created/published the famous 'Join, or Die' cartoon?

William Pitt

Who is popularly known as the 'Great Commoner' and 'Organizer of Victory'?


How old was James Wolfe when he became an officer?

The Battle of Quebec

Which 1759 battle is one of the most significant engagements in British and American history?


French power was completely thrown off the North American continent by which year?

Proclamation of 1763

What flatly prohibited settlement in the area beyond the Appalachians?

To work out the Indian problem fairly

What was the Proclamation of 1763 designed for?


When was the War of Jenkins's Ear?


What years were King George's War (War of Austrian Succession)?

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