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absolute power

unlimited and unrestrained power

divine right

belief that king was established by God and therefore had absolute power and was not bound by human law


officials directly responsible to the French king


French political upheavals between 1648 and 1653 aimed at challenging the power of the king; last serious attempt to limit the power of the king until the French Revolution


French officers responsible to the king by whom the king gained control of the army


Prussian nobility who worked closely with the electors in governing the country and serving as officers in the Prussian army


emperor of Russia


supporters of Parliament in the English Civil War


supporters of the king in the English Civil War

cabinet government

a group of advisors to the English king who met to discuss matters of state

balance of power

the goal of European nations to ensure that no nation would dominate Europe; involved the formation of alliances

status quo ante bellum

the way things were before the war

Diplomatic Revolution

radical changes in traditional European alliances prior to the Seven Years' War

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