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Center (O)
Player who begins play from line of scrimmage by snapping the ball to a back; specifically the quarterback.
Offensive Guard (O)
Player who is on line on either side of center, their function is to block on both running and passing plays.
Offensive Tackle (O)
Player who is on line on the outside of the guards, their function is to block on both running and passing plays.
Quarter Back (O/D)
Receives the ball from the Center's snap to start the play.
Running Back (O)
Player who lines up behind the defensive line, ready if going to get the ball from the quarter back and initiate a rushing play.
Wide Receiver (O)
Player who runs pass routes and gets open for a pass.
Tight End (O)
Tight end plays on either side of, and directly next to, the tackles. Hybrid players, something between a wide receiver and an offensive lineman.
Defensive Tackle (D)
Sometimes called a Defensive Guard, they plat at the center of the defensive line. Their function is to rush the passer.
Middle Linebacker (D)
Sometimes called the "inside line backer" primary defensive play caller. Their function is to stop running backs.
Outside Linebacker (D)
Some teams keep their outside linebackers on the same side of the field at all times, they are responsible for covering the tight end or running back on pass plays.
Cornerback (D)
Typically two players primarily cover the wide receivers. Cornerbacks attempt to prevent successful quarterback passes by either swatting airborne ball away from the receiver, or by intercepting the ball.
Safety (D)
Last line of defense, usually help corners with deep-pass coverage.
Nickelback and Dimeback (D)
In some plays the defense may remove a linebacker or a defensive lineman to bring in extra pass coverage in the form of extra defensive backs.
Kicker (ST)
Handles kickoffs, extra points, and field goal attempts.
Holder (ST)
Usually positioned 7-8 yards from the line of scrimmage, holds the ball for the kicker.
Long Snapper (ST)
A specialized center who snaps the ball directly to the holder or punter.
Punter (ST)
Usually lines up 15 yards behind the line of scrimmage, upon receiving the snap, drops the ball and kicks it from the air.
Kick/Punt Returner (ST)
These players are responsible for catching kicked balls, either kickoffs or punts, and running the ball back. Usually fastest players on the team.
Upback (ST)
A blocking back who lines up approximately 1-3 yards behind the line of scrimmage in punting situations. Their primary role is to act as the last line of defense for the punter.
Gunner (ST)
Player on kickoffs and punts who specializes in running down the field very quickly in an attempt to tackle the kick returner or the punt returner unless the kick returner waves for "fair catch", meaning wherever the ball is caught is where it should be run from.
Jammer (ST)
Jammers try to slow down gunners during punts so that punt returners have more time to return punts.