12 terms

Rhetorical Fallacies - Examples

hasty generalization
Columbia Police Chief Christopher Michaels suggested that all dogs should be muzzled because two pit bulls have been disturbing the peace in Finlay Park
begging the question
All good citizens know the Constitution's Bill of Rights. Therefore, a test on the Bill of Rights should be given to all those registering to vote.
faulty dilemma
Did you break the vase or did your brother break it?
post hoc
Let's not take Bill on our picnic. Every time we take him out with us, it rains.
slippery slope
If you let kids have five minutes in between classes, they will get into trouble and the fire alarms will be going off every day.
ad hominem
You gave me this poor grade because you are prejudiced.
tu quoque
Don't tell me I shouldn't lie. You lie all the time.
ad populum
Buy Pandora's baking powder - it's only for the best bakers in the world.
straw man
People who are against abortion have no respect for women's rights. They think women want to get pregnant just to abort the child.
non sequitur
She does not like dogs, therefore she is not a good person.
faulty analogy
Why should i throw away my gum wrapper, would you throw away your brand new shoes?
The sign said: "Fine for parking here," and since it was fine, I parked there.