20 terms

Security+ Ch2

Malware and Social Engineering Attacks
A ______ requires a user to transport it from one computer to another.
Each of the following is an action that a virus can take except _____.
Transport itself through the network to another device.
Each of the following is a different type of computer virus except _____.
Remote Virus.
Li downloads a program that prints coupons, but in the background it silently collects her passwords. Li has actually downloaded a _____.
To completely remove a rootkit from a computer, you should _____.
Reformat the hard drive and reinstall the operating system.
Each of the following could be a logic bomb except _____.
send spam e-mail to all users.
_____ is an image spam that is divided into multiple images, and each piece of the message is divided and then layered to create a complete and legible message.
GIF Layering
_____ is a general term used for describing software that gathers information without the user's consent.
Each of the following is true regarding a keylogger except _____?
software keyloggers are easy to detect.
The preferred method today of bot herders for command and control (C&C) of zombies it to use _____?
Hypertext Transport Protocol (HTTP). Note: used to be IRC.
Which of the following is a social engineering technique that uses flattery on a victim?
_____ sends phishing messages only to wealthy individuals.
_____ is unsolicited instant messaging.
Erin pretends to be a manager from another city and calls Nick to trick him into giving her his password. What social engineering attack has Erin performed?
How can an attacker use a hoax?
A hoax could convince a user that a bad Trojan is circulating and that he should change his security settings.
Which of the following is not an item that could be retrieved through dumpster diving that would provide useful information?
_____ is following an authorized person through a secure door.
Each of the following is the reason adware is scorned except _____?
It displays the attackers programming skills.
An attacker who controls multiple zombies in a botnet is known as a _____?
Bot Herder
Observing someone entering a keypad code from a distance is known as _____ ?
Shoulder Surfing