49 terms

Nail State Board Exam Review

The cuticle is composed of layers of the cells of the:
Nails of adults grow at an average of:
1/8' a month
The matrix is well supplied with blood vessels and:
The technical term for the nail is:
All growth of the nail takes place from its
Nails tend to grow faster
in children and summer
The part of the nail that extends over the fingertips is called
free edge
The lunula is the visible half moon at the
base of the nail
Nerves,blood and lymph vessels are found in the nail
The extension of excess cuticle at the base of the nail is known as the
The deep fold of skin in which the nail root is lodged is called the
The nail grooves are furrowed edges at the
sides of the nail
The nail plate extends from the nail root to the
free edges
The reproductive organ of the nail is the
free edge
The digital bones of the fingers are called
The palm of the hand consists of
5 metacarpi
The ulna is the large bone on the little finger side of the
The wrist bone is called the
The function of the extensor muscles is to
straighten the hand and fingers
The function of the flexor muscles is to
bend the wrist and fingers
The ulnar nerve supplies the
little finger side of the arm
The radial nerve supplies the
thumb side of the arm
Hangnails are treated by softening the cuticle with
Furrows in the nails may be caused by
systemic condition
The ulnar artery supplies the
little finger side of the arm
The radial artery supplies the
thumb side of the arm
Furrows in the nails may be caused by injury to the nail
Before using any manicuring implement, it should be
cleansed and sanitized
Blue nails are usually a sign of
poor blood circulation
The common name for tinea unguim is
ringworm of the nail
Filing deep into nail corners may cause
ingrown nails
Hangnails are caused by
dry cuticles
Split nails are often associated with what type of deficiency?
Nails having wavy ridges are polished with a slightly wet buffer over which is spread a small amount of
pumice powder
Hangnails are caused by
neglected nails
Splitting of the nail may be caused by filing
Splitting nails are often associated with extreme
Normal cuticle that forms around the nail is always
An infected nail should be opened and treated by a
Instruments sanitized with alcohol should be immersed in a 70% solution for
20 minutes
To loosen the cuticle, use the following instrument
orangewood stick
A manicure should be given
once a week
The purpose of buffing the nail before applying a sculptured nail is to
ensure greater adhesion
When mending with nail wrap, file the split or chipped portion of the nail with a
emery board
To smooth a nail wrap, use an orangewood stick dipped in
polish remover
Why is it important to santize a client's nails before applying sculptured nails
to help prevent fungus from forming
When applying a nail tip, buff the nail
where the nail tip meets the free edge
When affixing a press-on artificial nail,adhesive should be applied
inside the artificial nail
During nail dip, the nail should be inserted into an acrylic dipping powder for
5 seconds