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U.S. Government Representatives Test


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President of the United States
Barack Obama
Vice President of the United States
Joe Biden
Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives
Paul Ryan
Chief Justice of U.S. Supreme Court
John Roberts
U.S. Senators from Indiana
Joe Donnelly, Dan Coats
U.S. Representative from Indiana's 3rd District
Marlin Stutzman
Governor of Indiana
Mike Pence
Lieutenant Governor of Indiana
Eric Holcomb
State Senator from Indiana's 16th District
David Long
State Representative from Indiana's 83rd District
Christopher Judy
Allen County Commissioners
Therese Brown, Nelson Peters, Linda Bloom
Southwest Allen County School Board
Meagan Milne, John Blum, Tom Rhodes, Mark Gilpen, Jen Couch
Aboite Township Trustee
Barbara Krisher
Allen County Sheriff
David Gladieux
Mayor of Fort Wayne
Tom Henry