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The GovernorWho heads the executive branch?The General AssemblyWho makes up the legislative branch?The Court SystemWhat makes up the judicial branch?Virginia's transportation system (highways, railroads, and air transportation) moves raw materials to factories and finished products to markets.How have advances in transportation facilitated migration and economic growth?-agricultural -manufacturedVirginia exports _______________ and ______________ products, including tobacco, poultry, coal, and large ships.Virginia has a large number of communication and other technology industries.How have advances in communication and technology helped the economy grow?Tourism____________ is a major part of Virginia's economy.federalBecause many federal workers live and/or work in Virginia, the ______________ government has a significant impact on Virginia's economy.All public schools, including those in Virginia, were ordered to desegregate.What changes occurred in Virginia as a result of the Civil Rights Movement?unconstitutionalThe U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 1954 (Brown v. Board of Education) that "separate but equal" public schools were__________________.Massive ResistanceWhat policy fought to "resist" the integration of public schools?integratedThe policy of Massive Resistance failed, and Virginia's public schools were _______________.Harry F. Byrd, Sr._____________________ led a Massive Resistance movement against the desegregation of public schools.Civil Rights MovementAs a result of the _________________, laws were passed that made racial discrimination illegal.Woodrow Wilson______________________ was a 20th century president who wrote a plan for world peace.George C. Marshall______________________ was a military leader who created an economic plan to ensure world peace.-Virginia's old systems of farming were old and no longer effective. -Crop prices were low.Why did Virginia change from an agricultural to an industrial society?-People moved from rural to urban areas for economic opportunities. -Technological developments in transportation, roads, railroads, and streetcars helped cities grow. -Coal mining spurred the growth of Virginia towns and cities as people moved from the countryside to find jobs.What caused Virginia's cities to grow?computer technologyIn the late 20th and the early 21st century, Northern Virginia and the Coastal Plain (Tidewater) region have grown due to ________________________.people, businesses, and factoriesVirginia began to grown in many areas after the Civil War and Reconstruction. Virginia's cities grew with ___________, _________, and __________.-Railroads were a key to the expansion of business, agriculture, and industry. They facilitated the growth of small towns to cities. -Other parts of Virginia grew as other industries developed. -The need for more and better roads increased. -Tobacco farming and tobacco products became important Virginia industries.What changes took place in Virginia to boost the economic growth?