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Independent Variable
the factor in an experiment that is altered or changed by the experimenter.
anything that can change in an experiment
Dependent Variable
the factor in an experiment that changes as a result of the manipulation of the independent
Manipulated Variable
the thing that is changed on purpose...sometimes it is called the independent variable
Responding Variable
what you measure in the experiment and what is affected during the experiment...sometimes it is called the dependent variable
way to collect information using the 5 senses
takes an observation and makes an assumption
information collected in an experiment
an educated guess/prediction about what will happen based on what you already know and what you
have already learned from your research
those things that are purposely kept the same throughout the experiment
Scientific Method
the process in which scientists go about their work
the steps in an experiment in a specific order
objects needed for an experiment
a summary statement based on the results of an investigation
Responding Variable Example
The number of inches a plant grew in an experiment can be called the ___________________________.
Manipulated Variable Example
In an experiment, Jeremy decided to change the kind of plants he would use to see which one grew the fastest. This change is an example of a ______________________.
In an experiment, Jeremy decided to use the same pots, soil, and amount of water for each plant he was testing. These same things he used are also known as _____________.
Hypothesis Example
If a plant is not watered, then it did not grow. This statement called the _______________ of an experiment.

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