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Carol is planning a trip to South Africa. She plans to spend ten nights there, so she is investigating her options for lodging. She has made arrangements to stay at least part of the time at a hostel, which is her cheapest option. However, she would like to spend as many nights as she can in a private hotel. The hostel costs R 34 (34 rands) per night, and the hotel costs R 55. If Carol has a budget of 430 rands for lodging, how many nights can she afford to stay in the private hotel?
Thomas had originally planned to visit Thiruvananthapuram, Mumbai, Bhubaneswar, and Bengaluru, but his budget of Rs. 25,300 makes that impossible. Which of the following itinerary changes will allow Thomas to stay within his budget? (Consider each option individually, rather than as a group.)
Swap Mumbai for New Delhi, Thiruvananthapuram for Jaipur, and Bhubaneswar for Lucknow.


Swap Thiruvananthapuram for Jaipur and drop Bengaluru.
For many hotels, including the Grand Hotel Toplice, the price of a room will fluctuate depending on _____.
Time of year
Pam's total budget is P 77,500.Which of the following additional items can Pam afford?
Either I and III or II
Using the information in the table, determine the least expensive way to visit all of these cities, starting and ending in Buenos Aires.
Buenos Aires to Tucuman to Bahia Blanca to Salta to Buenos Aires
Lisa needs to arrive in Ankara from Istanbul in the next 5 hours. She wants to save as much money as possible, while minimizing her travel time to allow for more sightseeing. She looks at the local transportation options and determines the possibilities for that particular day in the table.
Walter's original itinerary included trips to Marrakech, Fes, Kenitra, and Oujda, but because he only has a budget of MAD 2,500, he must alter his plans to be more affordable. Which of the following itinerary changes will allow Walter to stay within his budget? (Consider each option individually, rather than as a group.)
II. Drop Fes.
III. Replace Marrakech with Casablanca.
Brendan's original plan was to visit Stuttgart, Dresden, Weisbaden, and Berlin. However, he would like to keep his costs under €860. Which of the following changes would be the cheapest swap that Brendan can make and stay under budget?
Replace Stuttgart with Kiel.
Rebecca is calculating her expected expenses for her week long trip to Thailand. Her plane ticket costs 22,885 baht, her lodging costs 15,307 baht, and she has set aside 29,071 baht for food and spending money. What is Rebecca's total expense?
67,263 baht
Rachel has only ¥36,000 to spend on this portion of her trip, she has decided that she must remove two cities from her itinerary. Which of the following is the cheapest pair of cities she can drop and still stay within her budget?
Sapporo and Kyoto
Paul's sightseeing budget is £300. What is the cheapest city that Paul can drop from his plans and still stay under budget?
Using this table, determine whether it is more cost-effective to go to Nantes first or to go to Toulouse first, and how much cheaper doing so is than the alternative.
Going to Nantes first is €3 cheaper than going to Toulouse first.
Jenny wants to go to each of these cities, her budget is only RUB 33,000, so she recognizes that she must change her itinerary and choose not to visit some cities. Which of the following pairs of cities will not put Jenny back under budget if she drops them?
Yaroslavl and Tolyatti
Kim is planning a trip to Spain. She will stay there for a total of thirteen nights. She has found two options for her lodging: a hostel, which charges €12.65 (12.65 euros) per night, and a private hotel, which charges €31.25 per night. Kim would like to spend as many nights as she can afford in the private hotel. If she has a budget of €275 for lodging, how many nights can she stay in the hotel?
Kevin is calculating his expenses for his planned trip to Colombia. He has a total budget of $2,106,559 (2,106,559 Colombian pesos) for this trip. If his lodging will cost him $313,597, his plane ticket will cost him $891,922, a Spanish/English phrasebook costs him $91,438, and he has allocated $348,792 for food, how much does he have remaining for spending money and other miscellaneous expenses?
What is the cost of the most efficient route? You may visit the cities in any order, but you must begin and end in Cairo.
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