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a way to protect data by scrambling it


a file that makes copies of itself to harm your computer


the computer program that finds and removes viruses


the liquid that short-circuits computers


the amount of water in the air


a virus used to monitor someone's activities on their computer

Standby Power Supply

a source of power available to computers in the event of power failiure

Uninterruptible Power Supply

a power supply that is always there unless the power source (such as batteries) run out of energy

video card

a circuit board that specificaly processes video/image feed


this device tells the computer how to run hardware

surge supressor

prevents damage to electronics in the event of a power surge

power surge

a sudden increase of voltage that can damage unprotected computers

computer backup

the process of copying all files of a computer onto another data storage unit

humidity restrictor

this device is used on more modern computers to prevent humidity damage

physical damage

damage inflicted to a computer by dropping it, dropping something on it, etc.

printer jam

when a printer stops functioning properly because something got stuck

copyright ©

a legal document protecting someone's ideas or inventions

static electricity

electricity generated by friction (usually with a carpet)

computer protection

using things to prevent non-physical damage to your computer

when something breaks a law, it is considered _________


an object's ability to be moved easily calssifies it as ________


a printer jam occurs when you use the _____ _____

wrong paper

_____ _______ can lead to a printer jam

dirty rollers

computers have a ________ effect on our lives


computers make ________ more interisting


computer __________ has gotten increasingly important


____ is the most important thing to us


computer _____ is where your computer is taken


tha computer is protected by its ________


firewalls _______ data


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