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designated areas in PowerPoint layouts that can be used to easily insert text, graphics, or multimedia objects
a worldwide publicly accessed network
the central processing unit, sometimes called the microprocessor
Slide layout
prearranged sets of placeholders for various types of slide content
operating system
a program that acts as a boundary between the computer user and the computer itself
a set of slides or handouts that contain information you want to convey to an audience
a computer user with malicious intentions that attempts to gain access to another user's computer and information through deceptive methods
CD ROM Drive
stands for Compact Disk Read-Only Memory Drive
software designed to damage or disrupt a system such as viruses
personal computer
a small single user computer used in homes and businesses; based on a microprocessor
a barrier set up on a computer to keep destructive forces from the information contained on a user's computer
internet scamming scheme used to obtain personal information where users are lured into a fake site using seemingly legitimate e-mail with, for instance a company's logo. the site then asks the user to enter personal information
a system for communication between two or more computers
hard disk drive
where programs and files are saved permanently on the computer
the physical and mechanical components of a computer such as a monitor, mouse, chips, keyboard, etc.
a machine that can be programmed to control symbols
output devices
communicate back to the user what is being processed, information comes out
programs that direct the operation of computers; instructions for a computer
wireless connection
connects computers without the use of cables and wires
cooling fan
cools the CPU
formatting feature that applies a background, colors, fonts, and effects to all slides in a presentation
cell reference
indicates location of a specific cell
primary document in excel used to store and work with data
vertical list of information in a worksheet
information arranged horizontally in a worksheet
intersection of a column and a row in a worksheet
active cell
cell that is selected and ready for data to be entered
adds the numbers in selected cells
A powerful word processor from Microsoft. The program enables you to preform word processing functions
___________ is an electronic grid of rows and columns that can be used to enter, organize, and calculate data
____________ is used to create and deliver presentations that can include text, graphics, sound, and video.
Outlook express
__________ is used to create , send, and receive e-mail communications
save file as
To save an existing document with a different you would ______________
To erase a character to the left of the insertion point press the __________ key
a workbook
In Microsoft Excel, the file you create and edit is called _____________
the name box
When you click on a cell to activate it the cell address appears in______________
When you want to delete characters in a cell to the right the the insertion point press _______________
increase indent
To increase the distance between the cell contents and the left boundary of the cell use this button
A group of cells in Excel is called a(n) ___________
complete lists and fill patterns
The thin black cross-shaped pointer (also known as the fill handle) is used to ____________________________
Press Ctrl+A
To quickly select the contents of an entire worksheet__________________
on the clipboard
After you select and cut cells the cells are temporarily placed _________________________
fill handle
When you are typing data that is in the series such as the days of the week you can use this tool to complete the series
Merge and Center
Use this button to combine two or more cells and center the text over a group of columns
A presentations title slide typically lists the name of the presentation: True-False
A theme is a professionally created template that applies eye-catching techniques to your slides: True-False
You can remove an entire slide by selecting the slide in the Slides pane and tapping delete: True-False
Unlike other Microsoft applications, PowerPoint does not offer spelling and grammar correction tools:True-False
a. How much time do I have for the presentation?
b. How many slides do I need to use?
c. Should I use notes on my slides?
What are 3 important questions to ask before beginning work on any presentation
Return to Normal view
When previewing a presentation in Slide Show view press the ESC key to _____________
The ___________ slide is the first slide in a presntation
Presentations often use bulleted ________________ to make slides easier to read
Slide Show
There will often be little mistakes such as graphics in the wrong position, that you will only notice when viewing your presentation in _________________view
The use of a(n) ____________________ allows one slide to the next slide in an interesting way
The cross-shaped cell pointer in Excel indicates the active cell:True-False
You can change the width of a column by clicking and dragging the column border: True-False
When creating a formula in Excel, you must always begin with an equal sign: True-False
The Merge and Center button can be used to center a worksheet title over the worksheet data: True- False
The correct Excel formula to subtract the value in cell B3 from the value in A2 is =A2-B3: True-False
A set of instructions for calculating values in cells is a ____________
a. workbook
b. worksheet
c. chart
An Excel file can contain a ________________, _________________, and ___________________.