Theology Chapter 4 Test Review #'s

After Jesus there is no further _________ from God.
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If father is the "vine grower", Jesus is the ______ , and we the church, are the _____________; we must be connected to Jesus as our source of life.vine branchesThe Church is united to Jesus as a _____ is to a bridegroom.brideThe marks of the church, ________, _________, ____________, and __________, were added to the Creed in 381 A.D. at the First Council of holy catholic apostolic ConstantinopleFor about 1,000 years Christians belonged to one Church. In _________ A.D. a major schism occurred between the church in West (Rome) and the Church in the East (Constantinople) _________ __________ __________ does not recognize the Pope as the leader of the church, although they share many of the same doctrines, sacraments, Mass, and other devotions with the roman Catholic church1054 Eastern Orthodox Churchin the 16th century another major rift in the church occurred during the ________ _________.Protestant ReformationSeveral Church leaders protested against perceived abuses in the church including ________________ in Germany, ______________ in Switzerland and _____________ in Scotland. they and others formed their own branches or ____________________ of Christianity.Martin Luther John Calvin John Knox demoninationsFrom that time on, Christians who accept the authority of the pope are known as _______________ and those who do not are called ________________.Catholics ProtestantsThe Catholic church and Protestant churches share many things in common including the following: Belief in the __________________, acceptance of the ____________ as the inspired word of God, a life of ___________, Baptism, and moral _________, and ___________ to the needy.trinity bible prayer code service________________________ is the name given to the efforts to build unity among all christian denominations.EcumenismHoliness means "____ ___ ____ _______" or "___ _____"to be set apart of godThe way to holiness is _________loveThe church is known as the "___________ of God" and its members are called "__________" or "holy ones"People saint"______________ of Saints" refers to the unit of all those living on earth ( the _____ church), those being purified in _____________, (the Church ________), and those enjoying the blessings in Heaven ( the church in ________.)Communion pilgrim Purgatory Suffering gloryThe Catholic church honors saints for their holy lives and asks them to pray ______ us and _______ us as part of the Church.with forthe church is ___________because it is universal and for everyone.catholicWrite the missionary mandate Jesus gave to his Church at the time of his Ascension to Heaven (Mt. 28: 19) *hint* eight word sentence" Go, therefore and make disciples of all Nations."Authority in the universal church rests in the hierarchy led by the successor of St. Peter , the Bishop of __________ or the _________, and the bishop united with him.Rome Pope____________________ is a gift of the Holy Spirit that enables the Pope and the bishops to teach and proclaim a doctrine without error. (with guidance of holy spirit)InfallibilityThe term ___________ comes from the Greek word laos, which means "of the people."laitythe consecrated or ________________ life refers to Catholics who make a public profession of the evangelical counsels of _____________, ______________, and ____________.religious poverty chastity obedience