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Open punctuation is a letter style in which there is no punctuation following the salutation and complimentary close
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In Excel, you can adjust the margins on Print PreviewTrueIn Excel, graphics that are inserted on the background of a worksheet also appear when it is printedFalseIn Excel, a legend is a type of chart labelTrue$C$14 is an example of an absolute cell referenceTrueThe vertical axis is called the X-axisFalseIn Excel, shading is used to outline cellsFalseIn Excel, data that is formatted as text can be used in a formulaFalseSet the top margin of a memo at a ______ inch top margin2Use the _____ key to align the heading information in a memoTabType the headings and subject line in a memo in all _______.CapsParagraphs are _____ ________ with double space between paragraphs in memos and lettersSingle spacedAn example of a complimentary close in a letter would be? A.) Best wishes B.) Dear. Mr. Keeling C.) Dear Sir D.) EnclosureA. Best wishesIndicates who keyed the document in the letter or memoReference/typist initialsThe closing or the farewell of a letterComplimentary closeThe paragraphs that make up the main message of a letter and memoBodyA punctuation style in letters in which a colon follows the salutation and a comma follows the complimentary closeMixed punctuationA feature that enables you to move or copy text from one place to anotherCut/copy/pasteA feature that underlines text as you key itUnderlineA print enhancement used to make characters appear darker than other text to add emphasisBoldBlank spaces between the edge of the paper and the printed textMarginsDetermine the text height in units called pointsFont sizePage orientation in which data prints across the narrower portion of the pagePortrait orientationPage orientation in which data prints across the wider portion of the pageLandscape orientationShows non-printing and formatting charactersShow/hideText such as title, page numbers, and dates printed at the top of the pageHeaderText that is slanted to the rightItalicsThe design and appearance of the printed characters ( Times New Roman, Arial)Font typeThe horizontal positioning of text such as; left, right, center, and justifyAlignmentThe type of character format that determines the look or artistic style of characters (bold, italicis, underline)Font styleThe vertical distance between two lines of typeLine spacingUsed to arrange items in a list with each item beginning with a bullet or a numberBullets/numberingA _______ is the intersection of a row or column in a tableCellPress________to move to the next cell in the tableTabThe_____ feature adjusts the font size of a text box as it is modifiedAutofitAn organizational chart is an example of a ___________ graphicSmartArt graphicThe main editing view of PowerPoint is__________viewNormalWhich of the following can you do to advance to the next slide in a slide show? A.) Click the slide B.)press the down arrow C.)press enter D.)all of the aboveD.)All of the aboveTo insert a link to a custom show, click the _______buttonActionsThe font type for a report isTimes New RomanLine spacing for a report is2.0What is the alignment for a title page in a reportCenteredTo insert a page break you press____Ctrl+enterWhat parts are included in a 5- paragraph essay?Introduction 3- body paragraphs ConclusionA______chart displays values as percentages.PieA6 is an example of a(n)__________ cell reference.RelativeWhen you________data, it shows only data that meets certain criteriaFilterWhen you________data, it rearranges it according to criteria you setSortIn Excel, a ___________is a non-printing line that differentiates a column, row, or cellGridlineAn example of a salutation in a letter would be? A.) Yours truly B.) Sincerely C.)thank you D.) Dear Mrs. TylerD.) Dear Mrs. Tyler