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France 2

name given to France by Julius Caesar and the Romans when they conquered it
tribes which lived in Gaul during Roman Empire
Germanic tribe that conquered Gaul after fall of Roman Empire - France gets its name from them
Feudal System
divided land among best warriors - invented in France during the Middle Ages
built by warriors for protection in Middle Ages
gradually became more powerful than all the French nobles
King of England in England
King of France became more powerful in France than
French sent explorers to and claimed
French traded with and were generally friendly with
defeated French in America and took Canada from them
American colonies
France helped them get their independence from Britain
late 1700's
time when French nobles and royal family were very rich - most French were very poor
French Revolution
in 1789 French people overthrew the King and nobles
Napoleon Bonaparte
took over after French Revolution - became emperor - tried to conquer Europe - defeated by Britain
government of France after Napoleon - a democracy without a King
German state which easily defeated France in 1870 and took to provinces from France
Africa and Asia
where France got colonies in the late 1800's
World War I
War in which France was invaded by Germany - Britain and U.S. helped France defeat Germany
Trench warfare
horrible type of fighting in northern France during World War I - millions died - much of country ruined
Maginot Line
defensive line built between France and Germany to keep Germans out - Germans went around it
World War II
war Hitler and Germans conquered France - then were forced out by Britain and U.S.
D Day
June 6,1944 - largest invasion of all time - British and Americans landed in Northern France and defeated Germany
After World War II
France became much weaker - lost most of overseas colonies
ally of U.S. but often disagrees with U.S. on international problems