Terms in this set (46)

  • loaves
    an oblong mass of bread
  • haystack
    a large pile
  • cross
    hard to get along with
  • needles
    a leaf in a slender shape
  • bakery
    place where bread, cakes, cookies are sold
  • cake
    a substance molded in a solid piece
  • fountain
    an artificial stream or spray of water
  • pump
    a device used to move liquids such as water
  • boxcar
    a roofed freight car that usually having sliding doors
  • indeed
  • rusty
    affected by rust
  • thorn
    a woody plant with sharp spines
  • stump
    a part of a tree that remains after a tree is cut down
  • bundle
    a number of things fasten together
  • brook
    a small stream
  • clothesline
    a rope or a line used for hanging clothes
  • housekeeper
    a person employed to take care of the house
  • admired
    thought highly of
  • pitcher
    a container
  • queer
  • kettle
    a pot for boiling foods
  • dump
    a place for dumping trash
  • hemmed
    finished piece of cloth
  • orchard
    a place where fruit is grown
  • growl
    to make a low grumping noise
  • thin
    to take apart, not close together
  • turnips
    a thick white yellow edible root
  • eager
    desiring very much, impatient
  • ladle
    a spoon
  • stocking
    long socks
  • delighted
    very happy
  • mill
    a building
  • ought
    should do
  • dumpling
    a small mass of dough, cooked by boiling or steam
  • training
    the action one does
  • bleachers
    open set of seats
  • silver
    a medium gray
  • dishtowel
    towel used to clean dishes
  • workbag
    a bag that hold any material to do work with
  • thousand
    a large number
  • frightened
    made afraid
  • cucumber
    green skinned fruit that comes from a vine
  • remarked
  • wall paper
    a decorative paper for the wall
  • engine
  • homesick
    longing for someone or something