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increased risk factor

late child bearing

increased risk factor


increased risk factor

BC pill

decreased risk factor

multiple pregnancies

decreased risk factor

borderline tumor or stage 1 tumor

tx: total abd hysterectomy, bilater salpingo-oophorectomy

stage 2-4 tumor

tx: surgery (debulk)

follicular cyst

simple cyst, forms during ovulation

follicular cyst

rupture = sharp pain. resolves with BC pills

corpus luteum cyst

occurs after egg is released from follicle, and

corpus luteum cyst

no pain involved

hemorrhagic cyst

functional cyst. may have abdominal pain

dermoid cyst

affects younger women, can grow to 6 inches!

dermoid cyst

contains fat, bone, cartilage, hair

dermoid cyst

"tip of the iceberg" sign

cyst: <6cm, 12-50yo

tx: nothing. usually regresses

cyst: <6cm, <12yo or >50yo OR cyst >10cm

tx: surgery

cyst: >10cm

a/w torsion, rupture, bleeding, pain

ovarian torsion

causes necrosis

ovarian torsion

severe unilateral pain

ovarian torsion

tx: laparoscopy

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