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  1. follicular cyst
  2. cyst: <6cm, 12-50yo
  3. dermoid cyst
  4. late child bearing
  5. ovarian torsion
  1. a causes necrosis
  2. b increased risk factor
  3. c contains fat, bone, cartilage, hair
  4. d simple cyst, forms during ovulation
  5. e tx: nothing. usually regresses

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  1. tx: total abd hysterectomy, bilater salpingo-oophorectomy
  2. a/w torsion, rupture, bleeding, pain
  3. increased risk factor
  4. increased risk factor
  5. tx: surgery

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  1. ovarian torsionsevere unilateral pain


  2. dermoid cyst"tip of the iceberg" sign


  3. hemorrhagic cystfunctional cyst. may have abdominal pain


  4. ovarian torsiontx: laparoscopy


  5. BC pilldecreased risk factor