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  1. corpus luteum cyst
  2. cyst: >10cm
  3. borderline tumor or stage 1 tumor
  4. late child bearing
  5. stage 2-4 tumor
  1. a tx: surgery (debulk)
  2. b no pain involved
  3. c tx: total abd hysterectomy, bilater salpingo-oophorectomy
  4. d increased risk factor
  5. e a/w torsion, rupture, bleeding, pain

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  1. contains fat, bone, cartilage, hair
  2. causes necrosis
  3. tx: nothing. usually regresses
  4. occurs after egg is released from follicle, and
  5. increased risk factor

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  1. multiple pregnanciesdecreased risk factor


  2. ovarian torsiontx: surgery (debulk)


  3. ovarian torsionsevere unilateral pain


  4. hemorrhagic cystfunctional cyst. may have abdominal pain


  5. dermoid cystaffects younger women, can grow to 6 inches!


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