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  1. allergens
  2. granulation
  3. crushed
  4. heredity disorders
  5. allergic responds
  1. a substance, protein, or nonprotein capable of inducing allergies
  2. b squeezed between two objects
  3. c example of this disorder is down syndrome, sickle cell anemia, hemophilia
  4. d immune response result of exposure to offending substance
  5. e building block for wound healing

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  1. examples of predisposing factors:
  2. __ will assist the nurse in meeting the basic needs of the individual who is ill.
  3. disturbance of glandular secretions or regulation of body processes
  4. using methods to protect against infection by pathogenic micro organisms
  5. exaggerated allergic reaction of an organsim to foreign protein

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  1. oral cavitynew tisue formation in the repair of the wound


  2. severelife threatening


  3. gastric secretions (HCL)destroys bacteria within the GI Tract


  4. 2nd intentionhealing occurs with tissue loss, such as deep lacerations, burns, pressure ulcers; edges do not approximate. opening fills in with granulation tissue that is soft & pinkish. scarring may occur, higher rate of infection


  5. debridementcontaining, consisting of, or being pus