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  1. aseptic technique
  2. congenital disorders
  3. gastric secretions (HCL)
  4. chronic
  5. perferated
  1. a penetrating wound which extends into a bodily cavity
  2. b a __ disease has a slow progression of symptoms
  3. c using methods to protect against infection by pathogenic micro organisms
  4. d present at birth
  5. e destroys bacteria within the GI Tract

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  1. poison/ protein or conjugated protein produced by certain pathogens
  2. clears soon, able to function; not life threatening.
  3. the service that assists in preventing & giving relief to disease, anxiety, & pain.
  4. wounds of respiratory, GI, or urinary tract; show no evidence of infection
  5. very ill with chance for recovery

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  1. neoplastic diseasenew growth of abnormal tissue; tumors


  2. independent or dependent rolesphysicians who treats all members of a family


  3. 1st intentionhealing occurs in wound with minimal tissue loss. Edges are approximated(close together), you don't have as much scaring or infections (ex surgical insisions, sutured wounds)


  4. necrosislocalized death of living tissue


  5. prognosisto make a __ is to identify or recoginize a disease.