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  1. disease
  2. health
  3. skin, nose, mouth, respiratory system, gi tract
  4. rejection syndrome
  5. contaminated
  1. a immune reaction to foreign tissues (organ transplants)
  2. b external defenses include:
  3. c there is a delicate balance between __ and disease.
  4. d includes open, fresh, accidental wounds, surgical wounds involving major break in sterile technique, or large amount of spillage from GI tract. (ex. appendicitis, toxins spill over into stomach)
  5. e failure of homeostasis; failure of the individual's body to respond appropriately to the challenge of disease.

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  1. develops as a result of an original illness
  2. individuals ability to produce immune bodies
  3. most common response to an antigen is the production of an __.
  4. body must be stimulated to produce its own immune response
  5. examples of this disease is AIDS, STDS, Staph, Strep, Flu, Hepatitis

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  1. puncturepreparation of killed microorganisms to produce or artificially increase immunity to a particular disease


  2. structural__ changes are present in organic disease


  3. gastric secretions (HCL)their races and/or families who are more resistant to diseases more than other people


  4. 3rd intentionprotrusion of bowel through abdomen


  5. primary diseasewound is healing