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  1. diagnosis
  2. cellulitis
  3. neoplastic disease
  4. disease
  5. metabolic disorders
  1. a identification of illness
  2. b diffused inflammatory process within solid tissues (soft tissue is destroyed)
  3. c disturbance of glandular secretions or regulation of body processes
  4. d example of this disease is cancer, benigh or malignant(non moving)
  5. e in order to provide appropriate nursing care, the nurse needs a basic understanding of, cause of, & body's response to __.

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  1. caused by a cutting instrument
  2. lack of nutrition
  3. when tissue is torn
  4. one that communicates directly with the atmosphere
  5. things you can see (ex bruising, edema)

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  1. occupationalbuilding block for wound healing


  2. diagnosislocalized death of living tissue


  3. individual immunityindividuals that are very resistant, others are suseptible


  4. organicprolonged for years or lifetime; manageable but no cure


  5. eviscerationto remove an organ or contents of an organ