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  1. 1st intention
  2. acquired immunity
  3. lymphatic system
  4. disease
  5. organic & functional
  1. a healing occurs in wound with minimal tissue loss. Edges are approximated(close together), you don't have as much scaring or infections (ex surgical insisions, sutured wounds)
  2. b body must be stimulated to produce its own immune response
  3. c disease may be classified as:
  4. d cells, phagocites that engulfs/ destroys bacteria & other foreign particles
  5. e failure of homeostasis; failure of the individual's body to respond appropriately to the challenge of disease.

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  1. physical injury or mental suffering; occurs out of the ordinary
  2. things you can see (ex bruising, edema)
  3. one who studies pathology
  4. caused by environment or job.
  5. wounds of respiratory, GI, or urinary tract; show no evidence of infection

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  1. scar tissuewound is healing


  2. 2nd intentionparticular kind of antibody produce in response to the presence of a toxin


  3. allergenschemical barrier, almost all are proteins, any substance that can bring about or generate production of an anitbody. (ex. virus, fungi, infectious or transplanted organism


  4. artificial activeantigens are administered to the person to stimulate antibody production; from attenuated pathogens (in lab)/ can last lifetime with boosters.


  5. painchemicals released by defensive cells; pressure on nerve endings


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