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  1. clean, clean contaminated, contaminated, dirty
  2. 2nd intention
  3. cellular, antigens, lymphatic system
  4. localized infection
  5. cellulitis
  1. a healing occurs with tissue loss, such as deep lacerations, burns, pressure ulcers; edges do not approximate. opening fills in with granulation tissue that is soft & pinkish. scarring may occur, higher rate of infection
  2. b swelling signs may be limited to affected area
  3. c 4 wound classifications
  4. d diffused inflammatory process within solid tissues (soft tissue is destroyed)
  5. e 3 internal defenses:

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  1. failure of homeostasis; failure of the individual's body to respond appropriately to the challenge of disease.
  2. particular kind of antibody produce in response to the presence of a toxin
  3. sheds mucosa epithelium to rid off colinizers
  4. stoppage of bleeding or hemorrhage
  5. lack of nutrition

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  1. skindryness of the __ is a deterrent to bacteria


  2. adjustmentslocalized collection of pus in a cavity


  3. secondary diseasedevelops as a result of an original illness


  4. individual immunityindividuals that are very resistant, others are suseptible


  5. diseaselarge mass of similar cells that make up a part of an organism and perform a specific function