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  1. antibody
  2. mild
  3. different
  4. phagocytosis
  5. 1st, 2nd, 3rd
  1. a clears soon, able to function; not life threatening.
  2. b most common response to an antigen is the production of an __.
  3. c wound healing differs according to the amount of tissue damage; occurs by _____ intentions.
  4. d every individual reacts __ to any one cause of disease.
  5. e engulfing and usually the destruction of a particular matter by phagocytes

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  1. body must be stimulated to produce its own immune response
  2. example of this disorder is scurvy, osteoporosis, beri-beri
  3. a deviation from normal in the structure and function or both of some body part.
  4. occurs when there is a delay in time between injury & the closure of the wound. (ex. wound left temporarily open to allow drainage or to remove infectious material. occurs after surgery, when wound is closed later
  5. swelling signs may be limited to affected area

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  1. normal secretionssubstance, protein, or nonprotein capable of inducing allergies


  2. cellular, antigens, lymphatic systemnew growth of abnormal tissue; tumors


  3. antigen-antibody reaction/immune responseimmune response is designed to attack only the infectious agent or harmful substances within the body


  4. dirtyincludes old accidental wounds; infected wounds, puss or peralent drainage are evident


  5. congenital disorderspresent at birth


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