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  1. chronic
  2. contused
  3. exudate
  4. congenital disorders
  5. heredity disorders
  1. a prolonged for years or lifetime; manageable but no cure
  2. b closed wound, result of blow from blunt instrument
  3. c example of this disorder is herpes, AIDS, syphilis, heart disease
  4. d transmitted by genes; passed from one generation to the next
  5. e fluid which has escaped from blood vessels & deposited into tissues (pus dry)

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  1. __ will assist the nurse in meeting the basic needs of the individual who is ill.
  2. examples of this disease is AIDS, STDS, Staph, Strep, Flu, Hepatitis
  3. immune response result of exposure to offending substance
  4. individuals that are very resistant, others are suseptible
  5. healing occurs with tissue loss, such as deep lacerations, burns, pressure ulcers; edges do not approximate. opening fills in with granulation tissue that is soft & pinkish. scarring may occur, higher rate of infection

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  1. diagnosisengulfing and usually the destruction of a particular matter by phagocytes


  2. severelife threatening


  3. mildclears soon, able to function; not life threatening.


  4. granulationprotrusion of bowel through abdomen


  5. deficiency disorderslack of nutrition