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  1. hemostasis
  2. cellular
  3. skin
  4. acquired immunity
  5. perferated
  1. a body must be stimulated to produce its own immune response
  2. b penetrating wound which extends into a bodily cavity
  3. c prevents microbes fro entering body, keeps body from losing water, receives stimuli from environment, helps prevent injury to fragile organs within the body
  4. d internal defense, when increase body temp inhibits bacteria growth; chemical barrier.
  5. e stoppage of bleeding or hemorrhage

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  1. removes and destroys bacteria from blood; detoxifies harmful chemicals, 1% or less is allowed back in blood(bacteria)
  2. example of this classification is asbestosis, hearing loss, exaggerating stress, carpal tunnels
  3. very ill with chance for recovery
  4. occurs when there is a delay in time between injury & the closure of the wound. (ex. wound left temporarily open to allow drainage or to remove infectious material. occurs after surgery, when wound is closed later
  5. 3 categories of seriousness of disease:

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  1. antitoxinpoison/ protein or conjugated protein produced by certain pathogens


  2. puncturelife threatening


  3. occupationalcaused by environment or job.


  4. traumatic injuriesnew tisue formation in the repair of the wound


  5. granulationcaused by environment or job.