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  1. acute
  2. congenital disorders
  3. artificial passive
  4. race, heredity, family history, obesity
  5. pathologist
  1. a example of this disorder is herpes, AIDS, syphilis, heart disease
  2. b one who studies pathology
  3. c examples of predisposing factors:
  4. d sudden; course of a few days
  5. e given when virus is already acquired; weakened or dead antibodies; short term (flu shot)

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  1. 4 wound classifications
  2. particular kind of antibody produce in response to the presence of a toxin
  3. disease may be classified as:
  4. 3 categories of seriousness of disease:
  5. individual factors that make one person more prone to contracting some disease than other people.

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  1. pusis another word for purulent exudates


  2. occupationalthere is no observable structural change but the functional ability is altered.


  3. diseaselarge mass of similar cells that make up a part of an organism and perform a specific function


  4. infectious diseasenew growth of abnormal tissue; tumors


  5. dirtyincludes old accidental wounds; infected wounds, puss or peralent drainage are evident