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Old Testament Exam #1 (actual exam)

Canons of the Hebrew Bible and the Catholic and Protestant Old Testaments, Reading and Interpreting the Old Testament, Inspiration and Liturgical Reading, Story of the Israelites Overview

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What was the intended purpose of Augustine's work?
to address the correct interpretation of scripture
Which canon has the most books in it?
Catholic Bible
What was the Greek translation of the Old Testament?
What was the abbreviation for the Septuagint?
Did the Septuagint contain the Apocrypha?
Which of these was not a category of Old Testament writings mentioned by Jesus?
What translation did Peter and Paul use?
Greek (Septuagint)
Who translated the Bible using Hebrew verity?
How did Lutheran describe the Apocrypha?
profitable and good to read
What was significantly/historically different in Lutheran's German Bible?
the Apocrypha was included but moved to a separate section
Who said the Apocrypha is church books and worthy to be read?
In what century did the Council of Trent meet?
16th century
What was Spinoza's religion?
What was Reimarus's famous work?
What was Spinoza's famous work?
the theological-political treatise
Where did Moses get the 10 Commandments?
Mt. Sinai
What was Augustine's work that we read?
On Christian Doctrine
What type of Biblical genre are annals?
semi-historical narratives
What book of the Bible falls in the wisdom literature genre?
What do the myth or legend genres deal with?
origins of the world
What is formal equivalency translation?
word by word, not worried about readability
What are examples of formal equivalency translations?
What is dynamic equivalency translations?
stick close to original wording, but make it readable
What are examples of dynamic equivalency translations?
What is functional equivalency translation?
translate phrase or sentence, getting the gist of it
What are examples of functional equivalency translations?
NLT, the Message
What books of the Bible cover legal codes or the law?
Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy
What are the prophetic books?
Isaiah, Jeremiah
Who put a comment in the preface of the Geneva Bible saying all Christians should read the Apocrypha but not regard it as canonical?
John Calvin
Did the American Bible contain the Apocrypha?
When did the Northern Kingdom fall?
722 BC
When did the Southern Kingdom fall?
586 BC
Who was the Seleucid ruler who sacrificed the pig in the temple?
What was the sign of God's covenant with Abraham?
Where does the Bible move from general humanity to specific individuals?
Who was given the name Israel?
Which Persian king issued an edict to the Israelites allowing them to return to their former land?
Who rededicated the Jewish Temple?
Judas Maccabaeus
What empire took control of Jerusalem in 63 BC?
the Romans
Who was not a patriarch?
Who was Israel's first king?
What movement put precritical reading of the Bible under threat?
Protestant Liberalism
After Moses died, who led the Israelites across the Jordan into the Promised Land?
When was the time of the Judes?
14th-11th century BC
What did the Council of Trent appeal to?
the Vulgate, the Council of Florence, and the Council of Rome
Did the 1599 Geneva Bible contain the Apocrypha?
no (note: this comes after the Council of Trent)