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lab 4 ch 7 the Axial skeleton

The human skeleton consists of
206 bones
The skull consists of
22 bones.
The vertebral column consists of
26 bones
...The primary types of vertebrae are
cervical, thoracic, and lumbar
The skull consists of
the cranium and face
Which of the following bones is NOT part of the cranium?
Which of the following bones form(s) the nasal septum?
Vomer and perpendicular plate of the ethmoid
The sella turcica is
part of the sphenoid bone and also supports the pituitary gland.
The sphenoid bone articulates with the
occipital, frontal and parietal
The optic nerves pass from the eyes to the brain through openings in which bone?
The mandible articulates with
Which of the following statements about the hyoid is INCORRECT?
It articulates with the cervical vertebrae.
The fibrous membranes found between the cranial bones of infants are called fontanels. These fontanels
. allow flexibility in the skull bones during the birth process, close within one or two months after birth, with the exception of the anterior fontanel, allow the brain of the developing fetus in the womb to expand.
The inferior nasal conchae
articulate with the ethmoid, maxillary, palatine, and lacrimal bones.
The paranasal sinuses
are lined with mucous epithelium, lighten the bones of the skull, help provide warm and humid air to the lungs.
The seven cervical vertebrae can be distinguished by
transverse foramina and split tip of spinous process.
The 12 thoracic vertebrae can be distinguished by

large transverse processes and long inferiorly directed spinous processes
The five lumbar vertebrae can be distinguished by
massive bodies and curved articular surfaces.
The five fused vertebrae in the sacrum perform all but which of the following functions?
bearing the most weight in the vertebral column
The first cervical vertebra
has no body, supports the head, is called the atlas.
The axis
. is the second cervical vertebra, has a tooth like process called the dens.
The functions of the thoracic cage do NOT include which of the following?
enabling lateral rotation of the head, as in shaking the head to indicate "no"
The adult sternum has __________ components.
The seven pairs of true ribs
are the first seven ribs
articulate with the thoracic vertebrae
, articulate with the sternum directly by costal cartilage.
Which of the following includes all the bones NOT belonging to the axial skeleton?
appendicular skeleton