Europe Geography, Natural Resources, Religion, Enviroment, etc.

Europe overview- The World and It's People 2005 6th Grade
Danube River
This river flows through southern Germany and feeds the Black Sea.
Ural Mountains
Which mountains seperate european Russia and asian Russia?
Germanic, Romance, and Slavic
Name the three main European Language Famlies.
It is extremley polluted by smoke and steam.
What is wrong with the air in the United Kingdom?
Overuse of factories and vehicles.
What is causing air pollution in the UK?
Reactor 4 at a nuclear power plant exploded causing extreme radiation.
What happened in Chernobyl in 1986?
The Ukraine
Where is Chernobyl located?
Between 300-1,000 years.
About how long is the estimated amount of time do scientists believe before Chernobyl is liveable?
Thyroid Cancer, Birth Defects, Death, and/or Deformities
What are some of the affects from the extreme radiation?
The river is extremley polluted with heavy metal, toxic waste, and several tons of oil.
What is the issue with the Danube River?
The water has become unhealthy and is under standards to be eligible for drinking and irrigation.
What is the result of the issues with the Danube River?
Judaism was started by Abraham and other hebrews as they believed they were God's chosen people.
How did Judaism begin?
Near 2,000 B.C.
Around what year did Judaism begin?
Synogauge led by a Rabbi, Sabbath, and/or Kosher Diets.
What is a religious practice that is parcticed by Jewish people?
The Holy Bible
What is the holy book of the Christian religion?
What is a holy day or holiday day for the Islam religion?
What is the supreme being of the Christian religion?
When Jesus Christ began teaching religious practices the religion was continued after the cruxifiction.
How was the Christian religion started?
Allah (Arabic for God)
Who is the supreme being of the Muslims (Islam)?
Who is the supreme being of the Jews?
What is the place of worship for the Islam religion?
Spanish, French, and Italian
Name three Romance languages in Europe.
German and English
Name two Germanic languages in Europe.
Name the one Slavic language in Europe.
England, Northern Ireland (NOT Ireland [two different places]), Scotland, and Wales.
What are the four regions of the UK?
The acid rain in Germany is poisoning the trees in The Black Forest and reducing the production rates of good timber.
Describe the acid rain issue in Germany.
Because of the many waterways in Europe it is a leader in what industry?
The Danube River
What is the longest river in western Europe?
The Rhine and Danube River's.
What are the two most important rivers in river?
The Alps
Name a trade BARRIER between Italy and Germany.