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Mark McCormack
Development of sports agent, IMG, for Arnold Palmer, packaging of athletic celebrity
International Management Group, agency
Arnold Palmer
Golfer, managed by Mark McCormack, invented golf's "grand slam"
Bill Bowerman
Competitive response, started Nike with Phil Knight in the back of a van, athletic endorsement
Competitive response
Breaking down where you are and how do you respond to it to bring you to the next competitive place
Phil Knight
Oregon track athlete, helped start Nike
Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight, outsourced labor to Japan, sold from the back of a van
Athletic endorsement - Michael Jordan
"Frozen Moment" commercial, drafted 3 but best personality/image, celebrity athlete, create a personality
Athletic endorsement - Tiger Woods
Charismatic, minority race, articulate, "I am Tiger Woods"
Celebrity branding - Caroline Wozniaki
Known as "sunshine," can't mention a brand if not associated with an event, individuals have ability to have own revenue source
Quotient between fame and likability
Blockbuster strategy
Only bet on a few things, but bet big, while betting on the little things saves you
Celebrity branding - Lance Armstrong
Defensive, intentional fraud, dragged down Livestrong and sport of cycling
Celebrity branding - Shaq
70% of young American adults recognize him
Celebrity branding - Li Na
First Chinese player to win a major title, watched by 116 million viewers in China, estimated contract value $42 million
Celebrity branding - Leigh Steinberg
The issue with agents... sexual harassment problem
Celebrity branding - Nick Symmonds
Refused to run because sponsors aren't permitted to publicize against event sponsors, rights of event vs. player
Celebrity branding - OJ Simpson
As sports commentator, had Q-score of 35, then things got really really bad
Celebrity branding - Kobe Bryant
In absence of Jordan, when accused of rape kept endorsements but benched him
Roone Arledge
Sports entertainment television, how you tell the story of the game, increased number of cameras, filmed mascots fans etc.
Howard Cosell
Ex-boxing reporter, "garlic in a recipe" makes for good TV
Peter Ueberroth
Exclusive, leveraged sponsorship, 1984 LA Olympics promise to not lose money, exclusive marketing individuals, live is key bc will fast-forward commercials
Pete Rozelle
Vision: close games in full stadiums on national television
Broadcast Act of 1961 and league sharing, competitive leagues.
Properties of the NFL, licensing now a $3 billion operation.
League licensing as a profit center, associate brands with willingness to pay for them
Roy Hofheinz
Stadium I, dome creates an indoor/outdoor arena, seat variation, neon signs and video boards
Stadium II, single-sport, urban stadiums on quirky lands, money-making device, seat variation, optimum camera placement, experience, consumer dimensions, reverent
MetLife Economics
Stadium III, NY Mets and NY Giants stadium, neutral stone receiving light
David Stern
Building celebrity publicity machine behind a league, NCAA Men's Final to be Magic Johnson vs. Larry Bird like a Hollywood film.
Rise of the WMBA after won the gold in 1996 Atlanta games.
Globalization of sports leagues, Dream Team to the Olympics
Broadcast Act of 1961
Rights to whole NFL, not individual teams
League sharing
Equal sharing of income, national sponsorship check
Vince McMahon
Vision: springtime football, create a new kind of smash mouth, no regulation football league because NFL wasn't tough enough, called XFL; sleazy cheerleaders, WWE announcers, shit talking; 9.5 Nielson to 2.6 in 19 days
Tony George
1996 Indy 500, CART, started own league, began long feud
Championship of Auto Racing Teams, boycotted George's Indy league
Danica Patrick
Woman race car driver, beat men, made Indy 500 surge
National Thoroughbred Racing Assoc., represents 70 race tracks under single logo/structure, brand organization
Bobby Jones
Retired to Augusta, built course and tournament
The one consistent major, 1 year renewable contract with CBS, 4 commercial mins per hour for 4 sponsors, no signs/logos, generational ticket acquirement, limited licensing
Larry Ellison
Liveline Technology, commercial television sailing, America's Cup, sports graphic innovation
Steve Jobs
First personal computer in a garage, difficult to work with, Lisa computer with a mouse (Macintosh), weird women commercial dubbed "most impactful"
Billion Dollar Game
Rebranding for championships, the Superbowl
Global TOP Sponsors
Coca-Cola, Acer, Samsung, those in all 200 Olympic countries
Domestic Sponsors
U.S. rights are individual from French rights, etc.
John Hancock Insurance
1994 domestic U.S. Olympic sponsor, increased positive propensity to purchase, leveraging
Making the sponsorship worth it; promotion, hospitality, advertising, internal use
Value-in-kind, demonstrating what you do in a way that's useful to the event
Kodak and 1996 Olympics
Leveraging: hospitality, VIK expo, photo IDs
McDonald's and 2008 Beijing
McDonald's Champion Kids Program, The Lost Ring, McDonald's Olympic Champion Crew Program, Big Mac building competition, 4 new McDonald's Olympic venue restaurants, new menu items
Ambush marketing
Trying to steal official sponsorship from a rival by pretending to be a sponsor
Under Armor and speed skating 2014
Blamed struggling performance on uniforms so switched back
Strategic sponsorship - Royal Caribbean and Superbowl XXXII
Announced merge with Celebrity Cruises, signs and sponsorship
Strategic sponsorship - Georgia 4 sport sponsorship
M/W basketball, football, gymnastics
NASCAR and The Army
To recruit soldiers, statistically to get 1 recruit, send car to high school
BMW and US Olympic Committee
Pressure for evaluation, we sponsored we sold
FedEx and hospitality
See the FedEx logo everyday, hospitality even though shipping company
RBC Center Title Sponsorship
How to get people comfortable with the name? Signs, TV, internet over and over every day
Evaluation of sponsorship - Joyce Julius
Tracks time of logo on the screen, time statement vs. cost to run
Evaluation of sponsorship - Coca Cola and event architecture
Logo at centerfield vs a bus stop
Evaluation of sponsorship - PGA Tour Title Sponsorship
Enhance value of loyalty card for Starward members
Evaluation of sponsorship - IMG and college platform
Trying to make an NTRA but with college, group them together
Platform agnostic
Ability of brands to reach out in different ways
Allstate nets behind field goal, Nike swoosh on shoes/field
New platforms
Twitter, snapchat
Bald Head Island
Traditional Ads
Tide, many dimensions
Work rate + buy from us now for a discount
Jansport, mountain in a lobby, "conversation" with a consumer
Sequence of series of platforms, Governor's Club
Innovative, pay for top spot
Easier to keep customers than find new ones
Appointment TV - 1960's
3 networks, no remote, stay on channel for the evening
Appointment TV - 1970's
Beginnings of cable, over hills that don't get broadcast
Appointment TV - 1980's
VCR and cable, national ad interest, renting VCR
Appointment TV - 1990's
direct broadcast satellites, hundreds on networks, Netflix
Muhammed Ali
Proponent for civil rights, outwardly spoken about his polarized beliefs, #1 on 40 for the ages
Michael Jordan
"Both Dems and Repubs buy shoes"
Billie Jean King
Confrontation of women's rights issues
Marvin Miller
First union organizer for MLB, players' rights
Bill Rasmussen
Satellites, beginning of ESPN filling 24/7 with sports and replays
Gary Davidson
Founder of rival leagues that all failed
The Beckham Experiment
Create a salary that would bring Beckham to the US to make hype for an American soccer league
University of Alabama
Nick Saban, passion associated with football, markets interest in the school
Boone Pickens
Oklahoma State, $165 million involvement in football
The Fab Five
Michigan athletes accepting over $600,000 from donors
Sports Illustrated and Miami
Financial scandal, players convicted/arrested, drug issues, off-campus strip club, not qualified academically, program not shit down just changed coaches
Gordon Gee
Vanderbilt, replaced AD with a Dean, bring notion of the STUDENT-athlete, only worked because elite private school
The Knight Commission
Recommendations of academic, arms race, and commercialization standards
Alan Horn
Warner Bros. exec, started blockbuster strategy
Jeff Zucker
NBC's TV Group exec, "managing for margins instead of ratings" over blockbuster strategy, failed
"4-quadrant movies"
Appeals to young, old, men, women
Blockbuster trap
Spiral of ever-increasing bets on the most promising concepts
"Focus books"
Literary equivalent to blockbuster strategy
"Rife-shot approach"
Pixar, only focus on a few movies at a time, one major handcrafted film per year
Troy Carter
Manager for Lady Gaga, pitched Born This Way with mainstream release
"Limited" or "grassroots" release
Gradual discover, finding the right audience not the biggest, social networking/word of mouth
"Wide" or "mainstream" release
To break through and immediately capture attention, sales peak early and taper off, promote months before
James Diener
Octone, label's job to do all it can to realize artist's full potential, few artists per year, partnered with Sony then Universal
Forentino Perez and Galacticos strategy
Star-focused strategy
"Superstar acquisition model"
Picking up stars at their prime
Boca Juniors
Youth programs to develop then sell players
FC Barcelona and La Masia
Mix of superstar acquisition and youth programs
"Portfolio approach"
Man. U balance between youth programs and superstar acquisition
"360" or "all rights" deal
Deal gives the record company a share of all of an act's revenue streams
Maria Sharapova
One of youngest women to win Wimbledon, highest paid female athlete
Max Eisenbud
IMG agent for Sharapova, superstar "talent life cycle"
Lebron James
Sponsorship with Nike, made own firm LRMR
Lebron, Richard, Maverick, Randy; own agency pursuing a "new financial model for the 21st century athlete", about the person behind the brand
3 talent compensation models
Simple fixed fee, bonus or "step-function" fee, and "share" model
Olympic Effect - authenticity
Centuries of tradition around the purity of honest athletic competition, fair/pure of manipulation, athletic ability wins
Olympic Effect - methodology and mystique
Mixed emotions over transregional loyalties, stories of athletic success and heroism, brings the world together
Olympic Effect - pinnacle of sport
Achievement is not limited to how one finishes a competition but how one competes, focused on skills, prestige and higher status
Shaun White
Olympic medalist, one of most bankable stars in sports
Lindsey Vonn
Alpine skiing Olympic gold medalist, determination in face of shin injury
Usain Bolt
Olympic medal and world record breaker, biggest endorsement in track and field history
The Olympic Program
Olympic sponsor, replaced Lenovo, increase brand value, visibility and credibility to pass HD, Dell and Lenovo
Olympic sponsor, design and innovation, cell phone of the Games, WOW moment, Beckham
Olympic sponsor, announced at Great Wall with Jean-Claude Killy and Wu Min Xia, tradition of past with promise of the future and wisdom with youth
Olympic sponsor, emerging, maturing, mature, bent arrow theory of marketing
Bent arrow theory of marketing
Visa Olympic sponsor tactic, plan to shift from a commodity to a specialty position
Nick Saban
U of A football coach, football is marketing interest in the school
U of TX
largest profiting program in the country
Dick Bass
7 Summits, commercialization of mountain climbing
Alpine Ascents International
Selling mountain climbing experiences
Reef, branding is the art of sacrifice
Charles Fraser
Sea Pine Plantation golf course, at peace with the natural surroundings, really about housing
Larry Young
Myrtle Beach golf course, public courses that are trashy but cheap vs private clubs that you have to stay at to play
David Bronner
R.T. Jones Trail, Alabama isn't a must-see state, used pension funds, 11 courses on a route through AL, signature architect
R.T. Jones
Architect, you have choices that will reward you like a chess game
Pete Dye
Architect, make the hardest course ever, ideas from Scottish golf holes, as little environmental impact as possible
Jack Nicklaus
Used Pete Dye's architectural skills to build Harbor Town course, Dye as a ghost-writer, name brand course
Mike Keiser
Bandon Dunes, recreation of courses in Scotland, hiatus to find perfect land in Oregon, now 4 courses
Issues with the growth of golf
Diversity, environmental impact, time
Educational Act of 1972
Title IX says programs receiving federal assistance will not discriminate based on sex
Bobby Riggs
Claimed would beat Billie Jean King, fired up women
Brown University v. Amy Cohen
Suing over women's gymnastics being discontinued, Brown said cultural interest at the time isn't gymnastics, ruled had to be proportionate
Michael Lan
Decline of the LPGA, took over as commissioner after revolt, more events/purses
Most successful sport
Women's tennis
Sebastian Coe
Former Olympian, pitched London for 2012 host city, said would transform poor areas and ignite national fitness movement
6 crises facing Olympic Rio
Political, economic, health, environmental, police, housing
4 finalists for 2016
Chicago, Tokyo, Madrid, Rio
Triplecast fiasco
1992, pay $125 to get 3 pay-per-view channels giving complete coverage, failed
1996 Atlanta Triumph, "plausibly live"
Happening in EST, play "real time" even if happened hours ago
Dick Ebersol
NBC, packaged selling of 3-year, take it or leave it, Olympic deal with NBC
U of Michigan study
Obesity, children have less free time, less play time, less unstructured outdoor activity
Key issue with obesity
Kevin Plank
Under Armor, performance fashion, workout shirts from women's lingerie
Intellectual property law, encourages innovation, 18 year monopoly
Trade dress
Trademark on names/symbols/decorative of your brand, can't intentionally confuse consumers
Tour 18
Rip-off golf course of 18 famous holes from around the world, court said hole design is not trademark violation
Too stubborn to capitalize on innovation, wouldn't make mountain bikes
How to address new product goals
The search for property, conception, modeling, research, marketing plan, market testing, major introduction
Tanya Harding
Clubbed Nancy Kerring in the knee, decline of figure skating, sports vs entertainment
Patagonia product design philosophy (4)
Is it multi-functional? Durable? Does is cause unnecessary harm? Have added value?