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trade organizations
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As the world markets expanded and Europe created a free trade zone in the European Union, the US joined organizations to encourage trade such as the North American Free Trade Agreement (between US, Canada, and Mexico) and the World Trade Organization, which replaced GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) in 1995. The World Trade Organization helped negotiate trade deals and encouraged lowering of tariffs.
New communications, infrastructures such as satellites and computers, have made it easier for businesses to expand globally. Globalization is when national economies, politics, cultures, and societies become integrated with those of other nations around the world. Multi-national corporations are examples of globalized businesses (think McDonald's, Nike, and General Electric)
Republican candidate (and son of George H.W. Bush) George W. Bush and Democrat Al Gore competed in one of the closest elections in American history. Green Party Candidate Ralph Nader also ran, taking almost 3 million votes. Bush and Gore were essentially tied with Florida left, but the vote was only separated by 531 votes, which mandated a "recount" in the state that could take months. Gore had received a half a million more popular votes than Bush, but Bush won 271 electoral votes to 266 for Gore.