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Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Technoloby

An example of a fossil is hydrogen


The law that states that "energy is neither created or destroyed, but can be converted from one form to another" is called the _____.

Law of conservation of energy

The type of energy stored in fossil fuels is referred to as _____ energy.


Most of the energy we use comes from something we already have on Earth. The only "new" energy we get comes from the _____.


A material that occupies space and has weight is called _____.


_____ ft/lb of work is accomplished when an 800-lb. condensing unit is lifted to the top of a 40 ft. building.


One horsepower of work energy equals the amount of work done when lifting _____ pounds to the height of _____ foot in _____ minute.

33,000; one; one

The unit of measurement of electrical power is the _____.


The three basic states of material are _____, _____, and _____.

solids; liquids; gases

One pound of ice at 20°F exerts its force downward. After absorbing 200 Btus, what direction(s) will the force be exerted? After absorbing 2000 Btus?

*Outward & downward

Define an atom.

*The smallest particle of an element.

Define a molecule.

The smallest particle that a substance can be broken into and still retain its chemical identity.

Define density.

The density of a substance describes its mass-to-volume relationship. The mass contained in a particular volume is the density of that substance.

Define specific gravity.

It is a unit less number because it is the density of a substance divided by the density of water.

Define specific volume.

Compares the volume that each pound of gas occupies.

Define power.

Rate of doing work.

Charles' Law


Dalton's Law


Boyle's law

P1 x V1 = P2 x V2

Specific volume



33,000 ft-lb/min

Specific gravity

no units



1 kW

3413 Btu


Force x distance

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