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Geography Earthquake Case Studies (Haiti Earthquake)


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Date of earthquake
January 12th 2010
Time of earthquake
Haiti's position on UN HDI
145 out of 169
Percentage of population living on less than US$2 a day
Depth of focus
Location of epicentre
75km West of Port Au Prince
Magnitude of earthquake
Percentage of inhabitants living in slums in Port Au Prince
Within how many days was there a significant aftershock and what was its' magnitude?
10 days and 5.9
Type of plate boundary
Names of the two plates involved
Carribean and North American Plates
How many people were affected in total?
3 million
How many people were made homeless?
1.3 million
Number of deaths
What happened in October 2010?
Cholera outbreak
As of July 2011, how many people died as a result of the outbreak in 2010 and how many were infected?
5900 died and 218,000 infected
What percentage of government buildings were destroyed?
What was the total cost of the damages?
$7.8 billion
What did the destruction of infrastructure mean for aid?
Access was blocked to certain areas
How many cubic metres of rubbles was there in Port Au Prince?
19 million
Number of injuries
What happened to the majority of water supplies as a result of the quake?
Became contaminated
Which country provided immediate emergency water, medical supplies and machinery to remove rubble in Haiti?
Dominican Republic
What were setup to deal with any injuries as a result of the quake?
Temporary field hospitals
Who did the UN send to help those affected?
Troops and police
Who pledged money to help Haitians?
Governments, organisations and individuals
How many camps were still remaining a year after the intial quake?
What programme was setup to help clear rubble?
Cash for work
What type of building was mainly rebuilt?
What industry was mainly supported by governments and external organisations after the quake?