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Plasma Membrane

selectively permeable, phospholipid bi-layer, the outer layer of a cell


controls the activities of the cell

Nuclear Envelope

protective layer surrounding the nucleus, selectively permeable


DNA, code for life


site of ribosome production


the fluid in which all organelles are suspended

Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER)

two types: smooth ER processes lipids (fatty acids) for energy; rough ER processes proteins, possesses ribosomes


site where proteins are made

Golgi Body

collects and secretes protein


packaged protein, formed as a pinched off piece of a Golgi Body


'power house' of the cell, site of cellular respiration


only in plant cells, site of photosynthesis, contains chlorophyl, creates glucose


breaks down non-functioning organelles (digestive enzyme)


only in animal cells, converts H2O2 into H2O + O


part of the cytoskeleton, they connect the different sides of the cell membrane


radiate from centrioles, comprise the 'cyto-highway'


only in animal cells, aid in the process of mitosis


in animal cell, storage site for food, minerals, and waste

Cell Wall

only in plant cells, an extra layer surrounding the cell that provides structure

Central Vacuole

in plant cell, this is huge, because the plant is not motile it is the storage site for everything


Cells that have a true nucleus (both animal and plant cells) (ex. non-bacterial cells)


Cells that lack a true nucleus (a membrane bound nucleus), these cells have nuclear material floating freely in the cytoplasm (ex. bacterial cells)

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