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Group Roles

group test #3
suggests new ideas, innovative solutions to problems, unique procedures, and new ways to organize (group task roles)
information seeker
asks for clarification of suggestions, focuses on facts (group task roles)
opinion seeker
seeks clarification of values and attitudes presented (group task roles)
information giver
offers facts or generalizations automatically (group task roles)
opinion giver
states beliefs or opinions (group task roles)
spells out suggestions and gives examples (group task roles)
clarifies relationships among various ideas (group task roles)
defines the position of the group with respect to its goals (group task roles)
subjects accomplishments of group to some standard of group functioning (group task roles)
tries to prod the group into action or to a decision (group task roles)
procedural technician
expedites group's movement by doing things for the group such as distributing materials, arranging seating (group task roles)
writes down suggestions and group decisions, acts as the "group memory" (group task roles)
praises, agrees with, and accepts the contributions of others (group building and maintenance roles)
mediates differences between members (group building and maintenance roles)
modifies his or her own position in the interest of group harmony (group building and maintenance roles)
gatekeeper and expediter
keeps communication channels open by regulating flow and facilitating participation of others (group building and maintenance roles)
expresses ideal standards for the gorup to aspire to (group building and maintenance roles)
group observer and commentator
comments on and interprets the process of the group (group building and maintenance roles)
passively accepts the ideas of others and goes along with the movement of the group (group building and maintenance roles)
deflates the status of others; expresses disapproval of the values, acts, or feelings of others; attacks the group or group task, etc (individual roles)
tends to be negativistic or stubbornly resistant, opposing beyond reason or maintaining issues the group has rejected (individual roles)
calls attention to self through boasting, acting in unusual ways, or struggling to remain in the limelight (individual roles)
uses group as an audience for expressing nongroup-oriented feelings, insights, or ideologies (individual roles)
displays lack of involvement through joking, cynicism, or nonchalance (individual roles)
monopolizes group through manipulation, flattery, giving directions authoritatively, or interrupting the contributions of others (individual roles)
looks for sympathy from the group through unreasonable insecurity, personal confusion, or self-depreciation (individual roles)
special interest pleader
cloaks his or her own biases in the stereotypes of social causes, such as the laborer, the housewife, the homeless, or the small businessman (individual roles)