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Plant & Animal Cell Vocabulary 6th Grade Science


organelle that center of the cell; controls all activities in the cell

Nuclear membrane

surrounds the nucleus; controls what enters and leaves the nucleus

Cell membrane

controls what enters & leaves the cell; surrounds the cell

Cell wall

found only in plant cells; very rigid structure; gives support for the plant


jelly like substance inside the cell; supports & protects organelles in the cell


balloon like organelle; stores food, water, & waste in cells


gives energy to the cell; "Power-House"; center for respiration


green pigment known as chlorophyll; only found in plant cells; help make food


tiny spherical organelles that make proteins for the cell

Golgi bodies

tube-like structures that have tiny sacs; help package protein

Endoplasmic reticulum

connects nuclear membrane to the cell membrane; helps transport nutrients throughout the cell


"suicide sacs"; helps in digestion in cell; take care of bad cells

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