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Deathwatch (Robb White) Characters


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student, wants to be geologist, works as a guide to make extra money for college, lives in a small town in the Mojave Desert
lives in LA, company owner, rich, obtains license to hunt bighorn, accidentally shoots prospector on 3rd day, good liar, very smart, manipulative
Les Stanton
game warden, rides with Denny in helicopter, Ben remembers that he didn't wear his uniform
Eugene "Strick" Strick
Ben's old high school classmate, young deputy, good-looking, likes Madec, mean to Ben
Sergeant "Ham" Hamilton
sheriff in charge
Doc Myers
normal doctor, away in Phoenix
Saunders "Boy Genius"
new doctor, youngest graduate of University of California, highest marks in the school's history, intimidates everyone, finds Ben's slingshot, proves Madec shot and killed the old prospector
Denny O'Neil
helicopter pilot
Sonja O'Neil
note taker
Emma Williams
Don Smith
kid in Ben's Boy Scout troop, brings Ben food in jail
Joe McCloskey
Ben's lawyer
Mr. Hondurak
justice of peace
Mr. Alberts
Madec's lawyer
Mr. Barowitz
Madec's lawyer, main one that doesn't believe Ben, ridicules Saunders
Ben's uncle whom Ben went to live with after both his parents died, doesn't believe Ben