Race and Ethnicity Chapter 10

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someone who is black in south africa may not be black in
the US but may be considered black in brazil

racial classifications vary widely

race is not fixed

ONE DROP RULE: characteristic to american classification of race, usually in the south, if you have one drop of A.A blood you were classified as black. This is important in south during and after slavery because if you have that you will be a second class citizen, it will determine the power or lack of power you have in society. It would vary by state, but its very unpredictable because there are many A.A that have white ancestry, but they will not be considered white even if they are half white, because this benefits slave owners. How would this benefit slave owners if you were classified as black? Because they can own more people, you have a larger pull of people that you can get free labor from

opposite side, depending on the tribe you have to prove that you are enough to be enrolled in the said tribe, they say yeah thats because europeans wanted native american land, they wanted fewer people to take over the land after europeans colonized the continent, so they have to prove that they are at least quarter, but with the one drop rule, just with any ancestry if you are one drop pf black, you lose your right to vote, wont have access to hunt, fish, own land, there are specific rules that apply to you

One drop rule goes on heritage, if you have some far off african ancestry you will be considered black

How we see ourselves racially is based on heritage

opening pull of people who are going to be forced to work for you for free

has to do with ancestry and you are denied specific rights

unlike US where you racial category is based on your heritage with the color radiant, it has more to do with skin tone, theres spectrum of lighter to darker

if you happen to appear more european you will be closer to the top of the hierarchy

even if your mother and father is european, but your skin is more of african, you will be more at the bottom of the hierarchy

ASK categorized different races, they had the name of offspring of mixed marriages, hispanics were concerned a lot about who were at the top and bottom of the hierarchy

the high awareness of how dark or light you are, the spanish valued european features, and the non european features were non valued

if race is fixed and not changed then why would we see this, why would there be a different race category in mexico and US

it should be based on what we look like but it has to do with power

it should be the same in mexico and US but its not
why do hispanics not exist ?

historically there wasn't the category of hispanic until it was invented in 1970

you couldn't categorize yourself as hispanic until 1970
(census burro)

hispanics did not create this category the census burro did

the government created this category

some people in the US are hispanic and use hispanic to identify themselves, but they are an ethnic group not a racial group,

Hispanic is an Ethnic Category because it has to do with culture, theres a tie with culture, there's a lot of diversity within the group,

since they are ethnic group, people disagree with the term hispanic to talk about this group of people

there is a common tie between southwest and spanish

but not all people in latin america speak spanish

even if you live in this place, spanish might not be your first language

building off this whole different culture, because there was
a lot of interracial marriage

so many people could be categorized as hispanics

shakira would be considered hispanic even though she isn't fully

people assume who hispanics are, but if we see other physical attributes they don't look like it

it doesn't mean that racism towards hispanics don't exist

in fact hispanics are top of hate crime

hispanic is ethnic identity, not racial, but it doesn't mean they aren't targets of racism

Hispanics categories changed

Prior to 1970, they were categorized as mexican

2000 we see Hispanic or Latino

the term itself is something that was invented, most hispanics would usually use cuban american, columbian american, etc

many people use the term latino because it acknowledges all the differences, theres a sense of agreement of common identity of being one even though they're different
she sees herself as white

the category of white is something that is constrcuted, someone who is french doesn't identify with someone who is irish

power came from colonization and power

came from britain, netherlands, etc, taking over nations

peggy puts forward in many ways you do need to focus that you are white, often time when we talk about race and ethnicity, people assume we are taking about mexican americans, a.a, non whites, she says no, we're talking about white poeple as well, you have to think about the category of whiteness that she sees, when there are racial problems it exists on their own and don't include people who are white

she says no they are intertwined

states that in many ways, being categorized as white becomes an invisible category, meaning white don't have to be constantly reminded of their racial identity on a daily basis

unlike other non white group who are reminded of their racial category, and usually through discrimination

whites are not reminded, it becomes an invisible category

puts forward of how her identity is an invisible category especially in the us

puts forward that her racial identity is not going to be seen as a symbol of the fact that she may have financial problems

puts forward that it becomes something that you don't have to be reminded of all the time but there is an adv to that, because people who don't have this category are usually reminded and in a negative way, and in forms of discrimination

saying that we have to look at this category of white

the way that is becomes invisible, despite all the different perspectives there is individual discrimination, but institutional discrimination is much more powerful, but sometimes much more difficult to see
definition: not providing loans in racially mixed or non white areas

key component

in the 1920-30 part reason why the great depression occurred is the fall of the housing market

under FDR franklin rosevelt the government wanted to make sure that more ordinary americans could own their homes because prior to the GD you usually had to put down 50% of home to buy a house

they wanted to get home loans so that americans could buy home

started in 1930 but the government didn't wanna lose their investment, they were going to provide loans in neighborhoods that were going down or declined in value

so throughout major metropolitan areas they created redlining

means that if you were looking for a house the banks would use these maps by the government ... if you were looking in redlining areas

bad areas: presence of a lot of european immigrants , and A.A. hispanics, those areas are redlined because those areas have no value

oregon, seattle, LA, phiidelphia, new york, atlanta, red lined

thats important because if you were an A.A. you're going to be stuck in redlined areas, so the value of your house is going to continue to get less and less valuable

its a run down area, don't want to practice it

it was made illegal in 1968 but there are still cases of redlining,

new york is waging law suit against a bank that used redlining practices in buffalo, new york

in 6 years they provided two loans to a.a. families to buy homes

they would not provide loans to that area in buffalo new york

but there are still problems like this today

they are deeply rooting in where people can and cant live

this is personal prejudice but it can be beyond that as well, its institution and policy wide arrangements that keeps people in certain areas.