Religion - Chapter 4 + 5


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God established the people of Israel through
Abraham Lived in
Abraham wife's name is
Sarah, Originally Sarai
God renamed Abram and Sarah to
Abraham, Sarah
Change of name meant
A change in destiny
Define covenant
A sacred binding agreement between two people or a group of people. Is permanent
Did God make a covenant with Abraham
What did God promise Abraham
- He be father of many nations
• Change of name him and wife
•Many descendants
• Bless his wife - have a son
•Promised Land
Abraham and his descendants had to keep the covenant, what was used to remind him of this treaty
Every boy at the age of eight would be circumcised.
What did Abraham have to do
Keep God's covenant
• And also his descendants
• Males circumcised at 8yrs old
God Told Abraham
Leave his country and he will make a great nation. Bless you and make your name famous
What did Abraham do
Did as God asked, Left with Sarah, his nephew Lot and his livestock and possessions, headed for the promised land
What did Sarah name her child even through she was...
Isaac, even through she was too old
Isaac named his son
God changed Jacob's name to...
Jacob (Israel) had 12 sons remembered as
12 Patriarchs of Israel
Who is the most famous of the 12 Patriarchs?
Explain Joseph Story
1. His father loved him very much
2. He was sold into slavery to the Egyptians by his brothers 3. He became the Governor of Egypt in charge of food storage
4. He forgave his brothers and told them to bring their father and families to live in Egypt
What is a Patriarch?
Male leader - founding father of 1 of 12 tribes of Israel
What happened to the Israelites
Pharaoh, Ramses II scared they may rise up and become his enemies and forced them into labour or slavery. He wanted to wear them down
When Pharaoh, failed to keep the Israelites down what did he do?
Ordered the deaths of all male babies
One baby was set free. His name was
Why did Moses leave Egypt
Killed and Egyptian, found out who he really was
What did he become
A Shepard
Where did he become a Shepard
In the Midian Desert
How did God appear to Moses
In a flame blazing in a bush
What did God ask Moses to do
Free the Israelites from slavery and lead them to the promise land.
What does Yahweh mean
Who are God's chosen people
Isralites ( Hebrews )
What are the ten plagues
1.Water turned to blood
2. The plague of frogs
3. The plague of gnats/lice
4. The plague of flies
5. The plague against livestock
6. The plague of boils
7. The plague of hail
8. The plague of locusts
9. The plague of darkness
10. Death of the firsborn
What does Yahweh show
God always existed, always will, will be present to those who seek him
When pharaoh refused. What did God do
Sent 10 plagues.
Moses told Pharaoh
'Yahweh says this: "Let my people go..."
Explain the Passover
- God commanded Moses and the Israelites to kill a lamb or baby goat for each family.
- Smear its blood on the door-posts of their home
- Stay inside their home and eat the meat.
- Their houses would be passed over and their children safe.
- Showed God's action of saving his people - celebrated as Passover
What is the importance of the passover to the Israelites
It made the Israelites aware of God's saving power. It made them realise God had been leading, protecting and forming them as God's people.
What happened to the people who didn't do what God ask ( Passover)
The first born child was killed
What happened after the Passover
Eldest son of Pharaoh died. Israelites were freed
Moses led the Israelites to the
Promised Land
Before they reach it, they came across the
Sea of reed
Why did the Egyptians charge after the Israelite
They regretted the loss of the slaves
What does Exodus mean
Leaving - exit
What did the Israelites exodus from Egypt show?
God's saving power
Which book in the Bible can we read this story
After the Israelites were let go Moses lead them up
Mount Sinai
What happened at Mount Sinai
Moses made a covenant with God. Sinai covenant. Live holy lives so they could realte to God.
What did the Israelites have to do as part of the covenant?
follow 10 Laws - 10 commandments
In return for following the ten commandments God would lead them to the...
Promised Land
What was Gods chosen peoples unique purpose
To love, worship and serve God in a covenant
What are the ten Commandments
1. You shall only have one God
2. Do not use the lords name in Vain
3. keep the holy lords days ( going to church each Sunday )
4. Honour your mother and father
5. you shall not kill
6. do not commit adultery
7. You shall not steal
8. You shall not bear false witness
9. Do not covet your neighbours wife
10. Do not convert your neighbours goods
What new religion did God command Moses to start
What does this Religion have in common with other
Basic characteristics of all religion
Through the Prophets what did God promise
A new Covenant and Messiah
Who is the Messiah
What are sanctuaries?
Sacred / holy place where God appears to the people of Israel
What is another word for sanctuary
Holy Place
How did the Jews receive experiences of God?
- Through Abram
- Through The twelve Patriarchs
- Through Moses
- Through The Passover
- Through The Sinai Covenant
If the Irsalites followed the ten commandments what did God do
lead them to the promise land
What symbols and sacred objects did God command the people of Israel to use
- Mercy Seat
- Tent of Meeting
- Surrounding Court
- Ark of the Covenant
- Holy Place
Explain the Mercy Seat
- Sits on top of top of the Ark.
- Where Moses would talk to God
- It reminds us of God Mercy towards us
Explain the Tent of meetings
Moses would meet with God in the tent
A portable temple was divided into 2 parts:
The Holy of Holies- housed the Ark of the Covenant
The Holy Place or Sanctuary- contained the altar of offering and other sacred objects
Explain the surrounding court
Surrounds the Tent of Meeting where people gather to pray
Explain the ark of the covenant
- Box made of wood and covered in gold.
- It has stones which the 'Ten Words' or Decalogue are written
Explain Holy places
- For altar offerings and other sacred objects
- People prayed
What famous temple did King Solomon build in God's name
Solomon's Temple
What was placed in Solomon's temples
Sacred objects including the Ark
What does worship show
Us acknowledging and responding to God
How did the Israelites first pass on stories about God
Part of the Sinai covenant the Israelites had to follow the...
10 commandments
What book was the Prophets deeds and words recorded
old testament
What is a prophet
- Is a religious leader of the Jewish people,
- Comes from the greek word meaning one who speaks before and on behalf of others,
- Biblical prophets spoke on behalf of God.
Prophet Isaiah
Through Isaiah, God revealed that the new Covenant would not be limited to the people of Israel, but open to the whole human race
Prophet Jeremiah
told a new covenant that god, would help people keep.
Prophet Ezekiel
Through the prophet ezekiel, God promised that under the new covenant god would empower people to live it's laws, They could be closer to God
How did the Israelites damage their relationship with God
Acting in an unholy way making mistakes that lead to suffering
term-79Who was the high priest
Aaron, Moses brother
Through the prophets God promised
A new covenant and a messiah
What was the capital of the promise land
How did God punish the Israelites for not following the sinai covenant
- Jerusalem was overrun
- the army destroyed the temple
- the people and their families were taken to babylon ans stayed there for 50 years.
What is Manna?
A secretion of insects living in the Sinai
How many years were the Israelites left wandering around the Sinai Desert before reaching the Promised Land?
40 years
List two thing that happened in the tent of meetings
As part of the sinai covenant the people of Israel did what
agreed to obey the laws of God ( 1o commandments )
What did the prophets do
reminded the people of God's laws and warned them of impending doom if they did not change their ways.