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sry! I couldn't put any good images for you guys! :(


The character you be in minecraft. You can be different characters in the xbox verison but you must have a skin pack first.


An annoying creature. They will walk up to you and blow up. They are also afraid of cats and ocelots. The damage varies depending on how close the explosion was to you. They drop 0-2 gunpower when killed. (this does not count blowing himself up.) When lightning hits them they become a supercharged creeper which means the explosion is more powerful and deadly. A supercharged creeper has blue lightning swirling around it. They come out at night but the don't burn in the sun.


A classic enemy. They drop rotten flesh when killed in both verisons. They make groaning sounds (which i think is funny) they come out at night but burn at daytime. Eating the rotten flesh will poison you and your hunger meter goes down faster for a short amount of time. If your drink some milk after you eat it, then the poison will go away sooner.


A tall black enemy with purple eyes. They come from the end... They can hold things (like dirt) and they can teleport. They drop 0-1 ender pearls which can be used to go to the end. arrows have no effect on them. (since they teleport) They won't attack you unless you attack them or get close to them. They are hard to find.

Skleleton archer

A deadly and unsupecting enemy in the minecraft world. They use a bow to attack they are skilled archers so be careful. each arrow does about 3-4 hearts of damage if your not wearing armor. They come out at night and burn in the sun.


This is not an enemy just a animal. Kill it to get raw beef and leather thanks to the new update. Use a bucket on it to get a milk bucket which can be used to make a cake and get the achivement, "The lie."


Again this is an animal that will not attack. They drop raw porkchops in both verisons. Kill them with flint and steel to get cooked porkchops. They can be ridden on by a saddle. (which you can only get in a dungeon.) Let the pig take fall damage while riding it to get one of the most hardest achivements to get called, "when pigs fly." (I still haven't got it yet.)


Another animal. Before the piston and sticky piston update on the xbox verison. You could get 1-3 wool from them but now you only get 1 if you kill them. You must use shears on them to get 2-4 now.


An enemy that can climb walls and are very troublesome. They drop 1-2 string when killed. They appear at night and attack on sight but attack when you attack them in daytime.

Cave spider

A slightly more powerful verison of the spider. As the name inplies, they are found caves and dungeons. The difference between a spider and a cave spider is that a spider is black and a cave spider is dark blue.

Iron golem

Only in the PC verison, This huge enemy is a force to be reckoned with. They are very strong and i advise that you get some diamond armor and sword before fighting them. With a diamond sword, it takes 18 hits to kill! To make a iron golem, you will need 4 blocks of iron and a pumpkin or jack-o-lanturn. Place 2 blocks on top of each other then put the other 2 on each side. (to act as arms.) then place the pumpkin on top on the 2 blocks on top of each other. Some reason in water, they stop fighting you...

Snow golem

The same thing as a Iron golem but lives at snowy places. If you put 2 snow blocks on top of each other and put a pumpkin or a jack-o-lanturn on top of that you can make a Snow golem by placing 2 snow blocks on top of each other and then putting a pumpkin or jack-o-lanturn on top of the 2 snow blocks then congrats! you have made a snow golem! They look like a snowman with a pumpkin head.


A computer player. They are not hostile in any way. They will not attack you even if you attack them. sometimes they can get in your way. They also act stupid at times. Only in the PC verison.


A demon that i'm still not too sure about. They use fire attacks on you that can be deadly so watch out for that. They drop blaze rods. (im not sure how many.)

Zombie pigman

A nonhostile creature that lives in the nether. They will become hostile if you attack them. there are about 5-8 in a group so before you decide to kill everything watch out. They have golden swords too. They drop cooked porkchops in the xbox verison and the PC verison.


A oversized ghost that roams around in the nether world. They shoot fireballs at you just attack them and you can deflect them back at the ghast. They drop 1-2 gunpowder which is easier to get than killing creepers. Oh and another thing: always bring some cobblestone to make a little fort around the nether portal because the ghast can destroy it and trap you in the nether FOREVER!!!


These enemies were just put in the xbox verison and thanks to the new update for the xbox verison, there everywhere in creative mode. But still a little hard to find in survival mode. These enemies can break apart after you defeat them into smaller slimes. Whatever you do, don't let them get close to you! they will kill you with the snap of a finger if there are too many.

Magma cube

A fire-elemential slime. these guys are only in the PC verison. I think they are in the nether only im not too sure.

Ender dragon

Ah yes, the boss at the end. A hard to beat boss indeed! just look up on youtube on how to make a portal to the end because its too complicated to talk about. When fighting the Ender dragon, you must destroy the crystals because he will just heal himself if you damage him. If you manage to defeat him the game's credits will start. and he drops a LOT of experence points. (yes there are credits for this game.)


This guy is a strange one. He looks like steve but with white eyes and no pupils. Some say he is the god in minecraft and some say that they have seen him. Thanks to the new update for the xbox minecraft, herobrine has been removed. I know how to summon him but that doesn't matter anymore because he has been removed. The reason he has been removed is because he would appear and if he hit you, you would catch on fire and fly across the map.


I don't know much about this guy. He looks like steve but part of his face has the enderman's eye (purple) and the other is a white eye and no pupil. I think he is like the devil of the minecraft world... Give me some info if you know something about him plz!


A very wierd animal that is in the PC verison only. They look like a red cow with red mushrooms on their back. They are extremely hard to find and if you kill them they drop red mushrooms. I don't know if this is true or not but i think you can get a bowl and like a regular cow, use a bowl (instead of a bucket) to get mushroom soup which restores a LOT of hearts.


A small creature found in dungeons and caves. They travel in groups of 10-20. They usually live in cobblestone or moss stone or they are just moving around outside of blocks. They do tiny damage to you but if there is a lot of silverfish, then you're in trouble...

Spider Jockey

A skleleton riding a spider or cave spider. The spider can attack you and the skleleton can shoot you so he is twice the trouble. Try to use a bow on these guys or steer clear of them.

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