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  1. soporific
  2. pragmatic
  3. exonerate
  4. eulogy
  5. onerous
  1. a causing sleep or lethargy
  2. b to clear of blame
  3. c practical as opposed to idealistic
  4. d troublesome and oppressive; burdensome
  5. e speech in praise of someone

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  1. able to be molded, altered, or bent
  2. to fluctuate between choices
  3. lasting a short time
  4. silent, reserved
  5. lacking interest or flavor

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  1. obsequioustoo trusting; gullible


  2. lethargiceffective writing or speaking


  3. laconicusing few words


  4. abateto reduce in amount, degree, or severity


  5. metaphorextreme mental and physical sluggishness