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  1. analogous
  2. alleviate
  3. inundate
  4. meticulous
  5. archaic
  1. a similar or alike in some way; equivalent to
  2. b to overwhelm; to cover with water
  3. c extremely careful about details
  4. d to make more bearable
  5. e ancient, old-fashioned

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  1. to make larger; to expand
  2. appropriateness of behavior or conduct; propriety
  3. to overlook, pardon, or disregard
  4. to choose not to do something
  5. to prevent; to make unnecessary

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  1. cogentconvincing and well reasoned


  2. prudencewisdom, caution, or restraint


  3. chicanerydeception by means of craft or guile


  4. precipitateto throw violently or bring about abruptly; lacking deliberation


  5. metaphorextreme mental and physical sluggishness