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  1. obsequious
  2. veracity
  3. condone
  4. chaos
  5. inundate
  1. a overly submissive and eager to please
  2. b to overlook, pardon, or disregard
  3. c filled with truth and accuracy
  4. d to overwhelm; to cover with water
  5. e great disorder or confusion

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  1. able to be molded, altered, or bent
  2. not capable of being disturbed
  3. doubtful or uncertain; able to be interpreted several ways
  4. to give praise; to glorify
  5. to annoy

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  1. antipathyto satisfy fully or overindulge


  2. prevaricateto throw violently or bring about abruptly; lacking deliberation


  3. erraticwandering and unpredictable


  4. convolutedto overlook, pardon, or disregard


  5. lethargicacting in an indifferent or slow, sluggish manner