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  1. cogent
  2. audacious
  3. lavish
  4. proliferate
  5. dogmatic
  1. a convincing and well reasoned
  2. b dictatorial in one's opinions
  3. c fearless and daring
  4. d to give unsparingly; or extremely generous or extravagant
  5. e to increase in number quickly

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  1. someone prejudiced in favor of a group to which he or she belongs
  2. deceit or trickery
  3. long, harsh speech or verbal attack
  4. unemotional; lacking sensitivity
  5. learned, scholarly, bookish

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  1. diatribefresh and clean; uncorrupted


  2. intransigentuncompromising; refusing to be reconciled


  3. oneroustroublesome and oppressive; burdensome


  4. antipathyextreme dislike


  5. convolutedintricate and complicated