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  1. diffident
  2. repudiate
  3. explicit
  4. erratic
  5. zeal
  1. a wandering and unpredictable
  2. b lacking self-confidence
  3. c passion, excitement
  4. d to reject the validity of
  5. e clearly stated or shown; forthright in expression

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  1. practical as opposed to idealistic
  2. harmless
  3. to speak in favor of
  4. ancient, old-fashioned
  5. someone with an amateurish and superficial interest in a topic

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  1. misanthropeto soften; to lessen


  2. obdurateto prevent; to make unnecessary


  3. estimableto present a false appearance; to disguise one's real intention or character


  4. engenderconvincing and well reasoned


  5. prudencerespect, courtesy


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