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  1. cogent
  2. garrulous
  3. apathy
  4. lavish
  5. castigate
  1. a lack of interest or emotion
  2. b to punish or criticize harshly
  3. c to give unsparingly; or extremely generous or extravagant
  4. d tending to talk a lot
  5. e convincing and well reasoned

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  1. pompous in speech and manner
  2. passion, excitement
  3. causing sleep or lethargy
  4. lacking self-confidence
  5. to make worse

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  1. inchoatenot fully formed; disorganized


  2. disabuseto make larger; to expand


  3. proliferateto increase in number quickly


  4. misanthropea person who dislikes others


  5. stolidexcessively decorated or embellished


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