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  1. desiccate
  2. mitigate
  3. philanthropy
  4. torpor
  5. assuage
  1. a to dry out thoroughly
  2. b charity; a desire or effort to promote goodness
  3. c to make something unpleasant less severe
  4. d extreme mental and physical sluggishness
  5. e to soften; to lessen

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  1. convincing and well reasoned
  2. to leave secretly
  3. to use expressions of double meaning in order to mislead
  4. deceptively attractive; seemingly plausible but fallacious
  5. to support; to prop up

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  1. proliferateto increase in number quickly


  2. gulliblean abusive, condemnatory speech


  3. prevaricateto lie or deviate from the truth


  4. capriciousdeceptively attractive; seemingly plausible but fallacious


  5. enervatenot fully formed; disorganized


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