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  1. ardor
  2. catalyst
  3. chicanery
  4. credulous
  5. rhetoric
  1. a something that brings about a change in something else
  2. b too trusting; gullible
  3. c effective writing or speaking
  4. d intense and passionate feeling
  5. e deception by means of craft or guile

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  1. harsh, jarring noise
  2. to set right; to free from error
  3. lofty or grand
  4. impartial and honest in speech
  5. silent, not talkative

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  1. abateto reduce in amount, degree, or severity


  2. gregariouswilling to betray one's trust


  3. engenderto produce, cause, or bring about


  4. causticbiting in wit


  5. fanaticalpredictable, clich├ęd, boring