Edgar Allan Poe:Biography Quiz

English 9A
In what city was Poe born?
Before he became a writer,what two jobs did Poe work?
Newspaper writer and a clerk
Where did Poe's middle name come from?
The guy that took Poe in.
Who was Poe's ''supposed fiancée?
Sarah Royster
When Poe enlisted in the Army,what name did he use to register?
Edgar A. Perry
What was the name of Poe's wife?
How were Poe and his wife related,other than husband and wife?
They were cousins.
Which of Poe's works is responsible for making him s famous household name once it was published?
'The Raven'
In what year did Poe die?
Where was Poe's body found?
On the street
What was the determined cause of death?
What two specific genres of writing do Poe's works fit into?
Gothic and Romanticism
What two types of stories is Poe credited with being the ''father'' of?
Short Story and Detective Story
What disease was the cause of Virginia Poe's death?
From the previous question,which bodily organ does the disease mentioned above affect?
The lungs or chest
Name one of Poe's two works that Sarah Royster is rumored to have been the inspiration for.
The Raven
Was Poe legally adopted or simply ''taken in''?
''Taken in''
What is the name of Poe's short story that we have read in class?
The Cask of Armontillado.
Did Poe stay in college and graduate or did he drop out?
He dropped out.
What mood(s) are most of Poe's stories known for?
Scary and creepy