World Geography pop quiz- russian revolution

who were the last 5 tzars?
alexanderI, nicholas I, alexanderII, aleanderIII, nicholasII
who was the grandson of Catherine The Great?
Alexander I
who inherited the throne after their father paul I was murdered?
Alexander I
who ruled russia during the napoleonic wars?
Alexander I
who expanded Russia empire with part of Poland and Finland?
Alexander I
who initally made reforms and then took them back?
Alexander I
who died of Typhis?
Alexander I
who was Alexander I's little brother?
Nicholas I
who was apart of the decembrist revolt?
Nicholas I
what is the Decembrist revolt?
attempt revolt after Nicholas I's older brother constantine, declined the throne after alexander died of typhis
who's reaction set the tone for his firm rule of Russia?
Nicholas' I
who had highly reactionary principles of autocracy?
nicholas I
what were the principles of autocracy, nationality,and orthodoxy?
Nicholas I
who feared serfdom?
Nicholas I
tsar during the crimean war?
alexander II
what prompted millitary moderization ?
loss of crimean war
who emancipated the serfs?
how did alexanderII die
he was assassinated