22 terms

chores, asking for, giving, and refusing permission

pg 213
débarrasser la table
to clear the table
faire les courses
to do the shopping
faire le ménage
to clean house
faire la vaisselle
to do the dishes
to look after
laver la voiture
to wash the car
passer l'aspirateur
to vaccuum
promener le chien
to walk the dog
ranger ta chambre
to pick up your room
sortier la poubelle
to take out the trash
tondre le gazon
to mow the lawn
tu es d'accord?
is that ok with you?
je peux aider?
may i help you?
(est-ce que) je peux...?
may i...?
Oui, si tu veux
yes, if you want to
Pourquoi pas?
why not?
Oui, bien sur
Yes, of course
D'accord, si tu ... d'abord.
Ok, if you... first.
Pas question!
out of the question!
Non, c'est impossible
no that is impossible
Non, tu dois...
No, you've got to...