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You can change the name of a file using the_______ command on the file's shortcut menu.


A(N)_________ file contains the instructions that tell a computer how to perform a specific task.


All of the following are amount the most popular Web browsers, Except Google________.


Modifying data is called_________.


________ are removable circuit boards that are inserted into slots on the motherboard to expand the capabilities of the motherboard.


The transmission protocol between a computer and its peripheral devices is handled by a ___________.


To select files that are not listed together, click one file, hold down the ________key, and then click the other file.


When you work on your own computer, you should store files within the __________ folder.


Businesses use the WWW to ______________.

sell their products, communicate information to customers, advertise their products

Which of the following temporarily store data and programs while you are using them? (RAM, ROM, the hard drive, CPU Cache)


A computer on a network that acts as the central storage location for programs and data used on the network is a(n) ___________.


Which of the follow is system software? (MS Word, MS Excel, MS Windows, MS Paint).

MS Windows

Which of the following acts as a locked door on a computer? (password, DNS server, spyware, firewall).


A megabyte is __________.

About a million bytes

___________ software is used to store data when the data is not being used in memory.

Word processing

___________ is when the computer is turned on and the operating system is loading.


The main circuit board of the system units is called the _________.


___________ stores instructions waiting to be executed by the processor.


The top level of the file system is known as the _________ directory.


A(n) _________ is a unique number that identifies the server or computer connected to the Internet.

IP Address

Bing is a product of ___________.


If clicking a button once, turns a feature on, and clicking a second time turns it back off, the button is said to be a(n) ________.


The notation that indicates a file's location on your computer is called a(n) ___________.

File path

Another term for a compressed folder is a __________.

Zipped folder

The main part of a filename can have up to_________ characters.


Trojan horses, spyware, and worms are all forms of _________.


_____________ software allows user to create slides for use in a presentation.

Presentation graphics

In outlook you can use your contacts folder to keep track of the people and organizations with which you correspond electronically. True or False


If you have a ______account, then you already have a Windows Live ID, and a password.


Windows Live _________ is a tool in Windows Live mail that allows you to schedule recurring events.


_________ images are miniature pictures of all open tabs on a Web browser.


_______ is similar to ROM except that it changes every time you add or remove hardware.


If your computer has a 32-bit processor, the maximum amount of RAM it can use is _______.

4 GB

High-speed connections are often called ________ connections.


The _____ is mounted on the motherboard and is responsible for executing instructions to process data.


The left pane in the Computer window is called the ________ pane.


The files you create in Access are called a _______.


When you start Windows Explorer, it displays, the contents of the default _______.


A web slice name _______ on the Favorites bar when the related information changes.

Becomes bold

A ___ is what you call each 1 or 0 used in the representation of computer data.


Each computer that is part of a network must have a _________ installed.

network interface card (NIC)

A(n) _________ is a display that while showing you the output, allows you to touch it with your finger or a stylus to input commands.


A(n) _________ is a place on a Web page that is programmed to connect to a particular file.


A computer distinguishes one drive from another by assigning each drive a ________.


One popular metaphor for visualizing a file system is a tree trunk. True or False


The ________ bar displays your current folder as a series of locations separated by arrows.


The path between the microprocessor, RAM, and peripherals is called the __________.

Data bus

A(n) ________ is a device that controls traffic between network components.


Your computer needs _________ devices to accomplish input and output functions.


Most flat panel monitors use ________ technology.


A graphics display divides a monitor's screen into _________.


The design and construction of the hardware of a particular computer is referred to as its __________________.

Architecture and configuration

When you have two or more programs running, you can click __________ on the task bar to switch from one program to another.

The program button

________ is an Internet Explorer feature that tries to anticipate what you will type based on previous entries.


When more than one window is open, the __________ window appears on top of all other open windows.


A(n) _________ is a confidential series of characters.


_________ is space on Windows Liver servers where you can store up to 25 BG of files in public or private folders, or in folders that you make available to only people you specify.


_______ computers are thin computers that do not have an external keyboard or mouse.


Microsoft Windows and the Mac OS are both referred to as _________ environments.


When considering a desktop, tablet, notebook and netbook computer, generally the ________ would be the most expensive.


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