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A heavy steel block with a smooth flat surface used for shaping horse shoes


Name given to a person who shoes horses and trims horses hooves


Disease of the frog of the horse's hoof


The hammered down ends of the horse shoe nail, securing the shoe to the hoof


Tool used by a farrier to hold the horse shoe while shaping

Rounding Hammer

Tool used by a farrier to make and shape horse shoes

Hot shoeing

Method of horse shoeing where the shoe is unfinished and is heated in a forge and shaped to fit the hoof

Cold shoeing

Method of horse shoeing where the shoes are presized to fit the hoof

Keg shoes

The most commonly used manufactured or presixed horse shoes, often fitted cold


A bar-like filing tool that is used to level the hoof after trimming

Hoof knife

Tool used by a farrier to trim excess frog and sole for the hoof


Tool used by a farrier to cut off excess growth from the hoof

Seedy toe

A condition where the inner and outer hoof wall separates at the toe

Bar shoe

Type of horse shoe used to provide frog pressure or relieve pressure on a particular part of the hoof


What part of the horse's hoof grows the fastest


Term describing a horse with out shoes


Tool used by a farrier to cut hot metal, heels of the horse shoe, or cutting blank bars to the proper length


The tapered groove found behind the last nail on a horse shoe

Chadwick spring

Type of horse shoe used to treat contracted heels

Sliding plates

Wide flat horse shoes used on the hind feet of reining horses


A wound on the heel or rear quarter of the hoof that discharges pus above the coronet


Term for when shoes are removed, the hooves trimmed and the old shoes reapplied

Sand cracks

Cracks in the wall of the hoof from the coronary band to part or all the way down the wall of the hoof

Diamond toe shoe

Type of horse shoe where the sides of the toe are beveled to offset forging

Eggbar shoe

Type of horse shoe that is connected at the heels making it a complete circle, used on horses with navicular disease

Heart bar shoe

Type of horse shoe used to treat horses who have foundered, easing the strain on the coffin bone

Racing plates

Type of horse shoe most often used by race horses

Toe clip

Part of a horse shoe used to hold it in place

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