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  1. Gerald Ford
  2. Franklin D. Roosevelt
  3. agency
  4. Andrew Jackson
  5. Richard Nixon
  1. a served as president without being elected
  2. b elected more than 2 times to president
  3. c used veto power more than any other president
  4. d a division in the executive branch that serves a special purpose
  5. e only president to resign the office

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  1. a place where people cast their votes
  2. the heads of the 15 executive departments who advise the president
  3. a way of voting in private
  4. born a US citizen
  5. members of Congress

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  1. commander in chiefthe president's title as head of the armed forces


  2. inaugurationto work on getting elected to political office


  3. George H.W. Bushserved as president without being elected


  4. John F. Kennedya place where people cast their votes


  5. ambassadora person who represents his or her nation in another country


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