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L.O.F Study guide questions CH 1-5

Study guide questions on Lord of the Flies chapters 1-5
Chapter 1
1. Why the chapter is entitled "The Sound of the Shell"?
Ralph finds a conch and blows it to gather all the children.
2. What is Ralph's attitude toward Piggy in the first chapter?
He ignores piggy, makes fun of his name and is rude.
3. What is the significance of Piggy's plea to join the expedition?
Piggy believes that he was the first one to be with ralph so he should be chosen.
4. Why is Ralph elected chief?
Because he is tall, strong, and good looking and has the conch.
5. What is the "scar" that is repeatedly mentioned?
The mark the crashed plane left on the island.
6. Why is Jack unable to kill the pig?
Because he was raised in a civilized society were killing an animal is not common.
7. What do Piggy, Simon, and the littlun with the birthmark have in common?
They all have a disability.
8. How is Jack presented to the reader?
Ugly freckled boy who is bossy and has no sympathy.
9. Why did Golding use British school boys?
Because he was British himself and new the culture also the British are very proud of their civilized manners a downfall of British civilization would symbolize down fall of humanity.
10. How is Piggy revealed as most closely tied to the world of adults?
Piggy follows the rules of adults although they are not around. And he is more mature.
11. How is Piggy indirectly responsible for the blowing of the conch?
He cannot blow it himself but he teaches ralph how to.
Chapter 2
1. What question does the littlun with the birthmark raise?
He asks what are they going to do about the beastie.
2. What are the boys going to do about the beastie?
They are going to hunt it
3. How do Ralph and Jack answer the question about the beast?
Ralph denies the presence of a beast on the other hand jack promises to kill it.
4. What is the significance of the chapter's title, "Fire on the Mountain"?
They start a fire, to be rescued.
5. How do they start the fire?
Using piggy's glasses.
Chapter 3
1. What is the significance of the title, "Huts on the Beach"?
They are building huts for shelters.
2. Why does Ralph reproach Jack?
Because jack only cares about hunting and does not help in building the shelters.
3. What two groups with differing goals are emerging?
Ralphs group the builders and the hunters jacks group.
4. Why does Simon go to his bower?
He goes there for peace and quiet and spiritual peace.
1. What is the significance of the title "Painted Faces and Long Hair"?
The boys have long hair which shows the amount of time they have been away from society. The Painted faces how they are changing into a tribe of wild people.
Chapter 4
2. Why does Roger, throwing stones at the littluns, aim just to miss?
He wants to pick on the littluns but he remembers the punishment he would receive if he hurt another kid.
3. What definite stand does Ralph make?
Ralph kills the excitement of the hunters by saying that jack was not responsible enough to keep the fire-burning and they miss a chance of rescue.
4. Why does Jack refuse to give Piggy meat?
He does not like piggy so he wants to punish him.
Chapter 5
1. What is the significance of the title "Beast from Water"?
The title shows that the boys are looking for a beast but since the beast cannot be found on the island they say that it comes from water.
2. What is the paradox of the boys' attitude toward the beast?
Percival's beast is the giant squid that his father told him about.
3. Why does Ralph call a meeting?
because there is disorder on the island the boys are not following the rules, making the island filthy, setting different places on fire, and not paying attention to rescue. He wants to set everybody strait.
4. Why does Piggy dissuade Ralph from giving up his position as chief?
Piggy discourages ralph from quitting because he knows that if ralph is not there jack would become the chief and piggy doesn't want this. Also jack would turn all the boys into hunters who are not interested in rescue.