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  1. triple beam balance
  2. equivalents for length in metrics
  3. volume - displacement of water
  4. centimeter
  5. metric measurement
  1. a 10 mm = 1 cm
  2. b scientists used this cm, g, km, ml
  3. c metric unit of measure that is 1/100th of a meter
  4. d an instrument used to measure mass
  5. e method of measuring volume of irregularly shaped objects

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  1. the curved surface of a liquid
  2. customary & metric
  3. a unit of mass in the metric system that equals 1,000 grams
  4. units most Americans use - inch, foot, yard, mile, cup
  5. the basic unit of volume in the metric system

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  1. graduated cylindera glass or plastic instrument used to measure the volume of liquids


  2. meterthe basic unit of volume in the metric system


  3. masshow much matter there is in an object


  4. unita known amount in measurement


  5. cubic centimetercentimeter x centimeter x centimeter