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The part of an Internet address that identifies where a person's account is located. For example, in the address jdoe@dpi.state.nc.us the domain is everything after the @.
Sending and receiving messages through a computer network. This process requires a computer, modem or network connection, and an e-mail address. It is convenient because all messages are sent and received immediately over short or long distances.
home page
An introductory screen on a web page on the World Wide Web, used to welcome visitors. A home page can include special text or graphics on which you click to jump to related information on other pages on the Web.
The name given to a computer directly connected to the Internet. Host computers are associated with computer networks, online services, or bulletin board systems.
Term given to the network of computers that provide information world-wide.
A word or reference point used to describe content on a web page that search engines use to properly index the page.
Connections that bridge one image, page, or word to another by clicking on a highlighted word or phrase.
A system of connected computers that allows the sharing of files and equipment. There are two types of networks: local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN).
online resources
Internet information available to a computer user.
online safety
Precautions taken to protect personal information and images from being misused by others.
To look for specific information on the internet or computer.
search engines
Software that searches, gathers and identifies information from a database based on keywords, indices, titles and text.
search strategies
There are 3 basic ways to begin a search.
I. Try to guess at the URL.
II. Use Subject directories provided by some search engines. The selected resources are grouped by subject, categories, and subcategories that can be used for keyword search or to browse the categories.
III. Use a search engine for large searches using unique keywords or combinations of keywords to narrow the search.
The act of sending and receiving information, such as data, text, pictures, voice, and video. The exchange of information can be within a building or around the globe.
Website address. Example: http://www.carteretcountyschools.org
user name
First part of an e-mail address. Example: jmwinton is the user name of the following e-mail address. jmwinton@carteret.k12.nc.us
web address
Universal Resource Locator (URL). Example: http://www.carteretcountyschools.org